Collaboration with Industry

Baton Zone Programs

Baton Zone

RIKEN actively promotes the transfer of its scientific achievements into commercial products through partnerships with private companies. Taking its name from the place in a relay race where the first runner hands off the baton to the next runner, both running in the same direction and at the same speed, RIKEN has created the concept of a 'baton zone' of innovative programs in which science and business work together to focus their energy on efficient technology transfer. RIKEN operates three programs below according to this baton zone concept.

Integrated Collaborative Research Program with Industry

A term-limited joint research team is set up within RIKEN, headed by a team leader from the company involved in the project at the initiative of the company. There are 14 laboratories under this program.

Sponsored Laboratories

Outstanding researchers are invited to carry out special research with funding from a company. There are four laboratories under this program.

Collaboration Centers Program

Based on proposals from companies, collaboration centers are set up within RIKEN to tackle mid- or long-term projects. There are five centers under this program.

Other Collaboration with Industry

Joint Research

Joint research combines the capabilities of RIKEN and industry to make more valuable achievements, with a view to concrete practical use. Research achievements are normally jointly owned. A contract guarantees the partner company preferential treatment in commercializing inventions.

Commissioned Research and Technical Guidance

Companies propose fields and projects where RIKEN's research capabilities would be useful. An appropriate laboratory at RIKEN then carries out research commissioned by the company or provides technical guidance as a consultant. Results achieved through commissioned research belong to RIKEN, but the company will be given preferential treatment, including an exclusive license.

Company-Sponsored Research Trainee

RIKEN’s Company-Sponsored Research Trainee system is part of its technical consulting business. Researchers and development staff from companies come to labs at RIKEN as Company-Sponsored Research Trainees, to learn the research and technical skills that they need directly from RIKEN researchers. Trainees have access to research equipment and infrastructure, so they can gain practical knowledge and information.