The RIKEN Venture System

The RIKEN Venture system enables researchers to put their own world-class scientific achievements to commercial use. It contributes to industrial technology and people's everyday lives by using the new knowledge and new technologies that arise in the course of research at RIKEN on basic natural science. RIKEN Ventures aim to put scientific achievements to practical use and disseminate the fruits of research at RIKEN as quickly as possible.

List of RIKEN Ventures

Company Name,JCN:Japan Corporate Number Date of approval
as a RIKEN Venture
Nature of Business Field
R-NanoBio Co. Ltd.
April 2017 Development and clinical applications of multi diagnostic system Engineering
Photon Applied Measurement Laboratory Co., Ltd.
August 2017 Provision and sale of measuring instruments for infrastructure and measurement services Engineering
Trial Park Co., Ltd.
January 2007 Digital Simulation Service for Prototype Manufacturing IT
Integration Technology Co., Ltd.
August 2011 Integrated services for manufacturers in optics IT
Kokorotics Inc.
July 2015 Acquisition and analysis of psychological data on human feelings and emotions, and the development of application system IT
Animal Allergy Clinical Laboratories
April 2007 Laboratory testing service for diagnosis and treatment of allergy and immune diseases in animals Biology
Consonal Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
October 2008 Product Lines: Biochip materials, instruments and diaganostic systems Biology
August 2011 Global Clinical Trials to cure blindness with implantation of iPS cell derived RPE cell sheet/suspension. Biology
Cykinso, Inc.
August 2015 Development and sales of direct-to-consumer microbiome testing kit Biology
Adipo Medical Technology,Inc.
October 2015 Research and Development, Manufacture and Sale, and Consultancy in the fields of pharmaceutical products, medical device, and tissue-engineered medical products Biology
Rikænalysis Corporation
Novenber 2015 Development of pre-clinical big data analysis system for primate higher cognitive brain functions Biology
Flash Therapeutics,LLC May 2016 Development of therapeutic strategies targeting human leukemia Biology
Organ Technologies Inc.
May 2017 Wellness innovation based on 3D organ regeneration technology Biology
Ac-Planta Inc.
Feb 2018 Improvement of systems for plants growth and productivity Biology