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Date Title Location
Dec 18, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Lymphocyte proliferation in protective immunity and oncogenesis Saitama, Japan
Dec 18, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Ab initio approach based on the Mulitpole Hamitonian toward optical responses beyond the dipole approximation Saitama, Japan
Dec 20, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Modular binding of Phosphatidic Acid and Phosphorylated forms of PI by Vps13 protein: Implications for Function at Multiple organelles and Membrane Contact Sites Saitama, Japan
Dec 20, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Emerging Organic and Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices for Specialty Applications Saitama, Japan
Dec 21, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Nanoscale Surface Chemistry Studied by SPM – Single-Molecule Tautomerization and Near-Field Chemistry/Physics Saitama, Japan
Dec 21-22, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: 6th INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI) 2018 Saitama, Japan
Jan 8, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Spin Hall effect in heavy metals : mechanisms and optimization Saitama, Japan
Jan 8, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Many-body invariants for multipoles in higher-order topological insulators Saitama, Japan
Jan 10-12, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: International Workshop of Topological Quantum Materials Tainan City,Taiwan
Jan 16, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: When neutrons see half moons Saitama, Japan
Jan 21-24, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: 7th International Symposium on Data Assimilation Hyogo, Japan
Jan 23, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Structure and function of peptide foldamers containing unnatural amino acids Saitama, Japan
Jan 23, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Orbital Hall Effect and Spin Torque Generation by Orbital Injection Saitama, Japan
Jan 24, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Recent Progress in Protein Conformation and Aggregation Saitama, Japan
Jan 29, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Computational Approach for Elucidating the Structure and Function of Soft Matter Saitama, Japan
Jan 31, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Detecting the tipping of biological processes by dynamic network biomarkers Kanagawa, Japan
Feb 15-17, 2019 The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop Kobe, Hyogo
Feb 26, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Homogeneous Catalysis by Molecular Hydrides of Alkaline Earth Metals Saitama, Japan
Mar 25-27, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Control and Design of Biosystems Hyogo, Japan
Apr 7-10, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Animal Transgeneis on a Fast Track in the Era of Genome Editing Hyogo, Japan
May 17, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Japan Scicom Forum
International science communication and global outreach in Japan
Sep 3-6, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Current Trends and Future Directions of Synapse-Circuit Plasticity Research Shizuoka, Japan