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Date Title Location
Nov 6-17, 2017 RIKEN Symposia:Theories of Astrophysical Big Bangs Saitama, Japan
Nov 16, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Interaction of magnetic atoms with superconducting materials Saitama, Japan
Nov 16-17, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: International Symposium "Systems Glycobiology and Beyond" -Toward a bridge between fundamental research and applied science- Saitama, Japan
Nov 16-17, 2017 The 4th RIKEN/Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab Joint Symposium "Life Science Frontiers in Health, Disease and Aging" Kobe, Japan
Nov 16, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: in-beam hyperfine spectroscopy of (anti)hydrogen for tests of CPT and Lorentz Invariance Saitama, Japan
Nov 16, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: The nature of relativistic jets produced when a star falls into a black hole Saitama, Japan
Nov 16, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: DNA-Based Materials for Biotechology,Nanotechnology and Nutrients Saitama, Japan
Nov 17, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Gate controlled hydrogen tautomerisation of Phthalocyanine molecules Saitama, Japan
Nov 20-25, 2017 RIKEN Symposia:4th International Symposium on Microwave and Terahertz Science and Applications (MTSA 2017)
Nov 20-21, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: 5th INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics(AINI) 2017 Saitama, Japan
Nov 21, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Thermalization of overpopulated systems Saitama, Japan
Nov 21, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Decoding neural differentiation using massively parallel reporter assays Kanagawa, Japan
Nov 21, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Cell-based screen for altered nuclear phenotypes to reveal the nuclear events regulating cellular senescence Hyogo, Japan
Nov 21, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Phases of spin chains with uniform Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions Saitama, Japan
Nov 24, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Probing Heavy Ion Collisions Using Quark and Gluon Jet Substructure with Machine Learning Saitama, Japan
Nov 24, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Nanoscale Chemical Imaging via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Advanced Raman Spectroscopy Techniques Saitama, Japan
Nov 27, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Cellular senescence Inside and Out Saitama, Japan
Nov 28, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Sign Problem as Optimization Problem: Application of Neural-Network via Path Optimization Method Saitama, Japan
Nov 28, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: Japan-China joint symposium on natural products to promote the use of high magnetic field and high sensitivity NMR kanagawa, Japan
Nov 29, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Single mRNA Tracking on the Mitochondrial Surface Infers Protein Import Mechanisms and Impacts of Mitochondria Morphology on Protein Composition in Mitochondria during Aging ~ Cytoplasmic Translational Complex Dancing on the Mitochondrial Surface~ NEW Saitama, Japan
Nov 29, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: The 4th WBC NEW Ibaraki, Japan
Dec 1, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Transfer of spin-polarized Cooper pairs to a half-metal ferromagnetic manganite Saitama, Japan
Dec 5, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Cosmological Constant Problem and Scale Invariance NEW Saitama, Japan
Dec 13, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Development of polyion complex vesicle (PICsome) for biomedical applications Saitama, Japan
Dec 20, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe generated by Helical Hypermagnetic fields through chiral anomaly Saitama, Japan
Dec 27, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Correlative light-electron microscopy reveals the assembly process of the nuclear pore complex Saitama, Japan
Jan 5, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: CO2 capture and utilization; introduction of materials and analytical methods developed in our lab Saitama, Japan
Jan 9-10, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: CEMS International Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry and Functional Materials 2018 (CEMSupra 2018) Tokyo, Japan
Jan 18, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: The Brand New Integration of Medical Science: Quest for Genomics, Immunology and Disease System Tokyo, Japan
Jan 31, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: Recent Progress in tRNA Biology and Translation Saitama, Japan
Feb 5-6, 2018 RIKEN AICS HPC Youth Workshop FY 2017 NEW Hyogo, Japan
Feb 22-23, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: Prediction of complex drug-drug interactions, pharmacogenomics and our attempts on virtual clinical trials kanagawa, Japan
Mar 12, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: HGM2018 RIKEN Trainee Symposium "Genome Data and Health" kanagawa, Japan
Mar 12-13, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: The 3rd RIKEN-SNU Workshop on Solar Energy Utilization Osaka, Japan
Mar 22-23, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: International Symposium on ER stress, glycosylation, homeostasis and diseases Saitama, Japan
Mar 26-28, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: CDB Symposium 2018"Dynamic Homeostasis: from Development to Aging" Kobe, Japan