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Date Title Location
Feb 9, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Electronic Structure of Complex Materials: from First-principles study to Materials Modeling Saitama, Japan
Feb 9, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Aberrant DNA Methylation Induced by Chronic Inflammation – Mechanisms and Applications Kanagawa, Japan
Feb 12, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Present status and future plans for MRTOF-MS at RIBF Saitama, Japan
Feb 15, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Nucleosynthesis in Neutrino-driven Winds in Hypernovae Saitama, Japan
Feb 15-16, 2016 International Symposium for RIKEN Epigenetics Program 2016
Epigenetic response to environmental stimuli - tackling unsolved problems with novel technologies
Saitama, Japan
Feb 16, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Clustering in light neutron-rich nuclei Saitama, Japan
Feb 17, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Spin hydrodynamic generation Saitama, Japan
Feb 17, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Dynamic properties of 6Li elastic scattering Saitama, Japan
Feb 19, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: A comprehensive genomic analysis reveals the genetic landscape of mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders NEW Kanagawa, Japan
Feb 22-23, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Computer and computational sciences and International collaboration for exascale computing Kobe, Hyogo
Feb 22, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Conformal invariance at the Anderson transition NEW Saitama, Japan
Feb 25, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Rocaglates convert DEAD-box protein eIF4A into a sequence-selective translational repressor Saitama, Japan
Feb 26, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Spontaneous increase of magnetic flux and chiral-current reversal in bosonic ladders: Swimming against the tide Saitama, Japan
Feb 26, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Synthesis and Application of Fused N-Heterocycles in Pd and Cu Catalysis Saitama, Japan
Mar 10, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Precision Manufacturing Technologies for Optics Production Saitama, Japan
Mar 25, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Mechanisms of mitosis and size control in Xenopus Saitama, Japan