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Date Title Location
Dec 12, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: General-relativistic simulations of binary neutron-star mergers Saitama, Japan
Dec 15-16, 2014 RIKEN Symposium: 1st RIKEN-Sophia Joint Symposium: Recent Progresses on the Muon-Site Estimation Tokyo, Japan
Dec 22, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: Complex saddle points in finite-density QCD Saitama, Japan
Dec 22, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: Thermal modification of in-medium mesons from screening properties on lattice Saitama, Japan
Dec 22, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: Odd frequency condensates in correlated fermion and boson systems Saitama, Japan
Dec 22, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: Nanoscale magnetometry on single cobalt atoms and cobalt nano structures on surfaces by spin-resolved scanning tunneling microscopy Saitama, Japan
Dec 25, 2014 RIKEN Seminar: Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion Saitama, Japan
Jan 21, 2015 Systems Biology of Liver Cancer Yokohama, Japan
Jan 26, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Frequency-resolved optical gating technique for retrieving the amplitude of a vibrational wavepacket Saitama, Japam
Jan 27, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Development of gas-phase NMR spectroscopy for mass-selected ions: Preparation of cold molecular ions and its application to NMR detection Saitama, Japan
Feb 5-12, 2015 The 5th Karolinska Institutet - RIKEN Joint International Doctoral Course "Epigenomics: Methods, Mechanisms and Application to Disease and Development" Yokohama, Japan
Feb 13-14, 2015 RIKEN Epigenetics in Kobe 2015 Kobe, Japan
Feb 23-26, 2015 The fourth International Symposium on Data Assimilation Kobe, Japan
Mar 23-25, 2015 CDB Sumposium 2015 Kobe, Japan
Jun 12 - Jul 17, 2015 RIKEN IMS Summer Program (RISP) 2015 Yokohama, Japan
Jun 18-19, 2015 RIKEN IMS-JSI International Symposium on Immunology 2015 Yokohama, Japan