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Date Title Location
Feb 21, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Tropical Rain Forest Saitama, Japan
Feb 21-22, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: The 3rd RAP-JCNS Joint Workshop Saitama, Japan
Feb 22, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Quantum simulation of semiconductor-based materials for THz and power device applications Saitama, Japan
Feb 22, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: New challenges for in vitro and in vivo extrapolations with regard to DDI and clearance estimation; Albumin effect and critical scaling factors Kanagawa,Japan
Feb 22, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: NiH-Catalyzed Remote Hydrofunctionalization of Alkenes Saitama, Japan
Feb 25, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Polymer Chemistry in Coordination Nanospaces Saitama, Japan
Feb 25, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Symmetric Tornheim double zeta functions Saitama, Japan
Feb 25, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Joint value distribution of quadratic L-functions Saitama, Japan
Feb 26, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Homogeneous Catalysis by Molecular Hydrides of Alkaline Earth Metals Saitama, Japan
Feb 27, 2019 Seminars: Diradicaloids, Polyradicaloids, and Covalent Organic Radical Frameworks Saitama, Japan
Mar 21-27, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Distribution of values of zeta functions and L-functions and related topics Saitama, Japan
Mar 25-27, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Control and Design of Biosystems Hyogo, Japan
Mar 27, 2019 RIKEN Seminar: Rethinking heat shock in budding yeast, from sensing to response to physiology Saitama, Japan
Apr 7-10, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Animal Transgeneis on a Fast Track in the Era of Genome Editing Hyogo, Japan
May 17, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Japan Scicom Forum
International science communication and global outreach in Japan
Sep 3-6, 2019 RIKEN Symposia: Current Trends and Future Directions of Synapse-Circuit Plasticity Research Shizuoka, Japan