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Date Title Location
May 2, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Fixed points and flow analysis of the boson Boltzmann equation Saitama, Japan
May 9, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Viscosities and electrical conductivity of QGP in strong magnetic fields Saitama, Japan
May 9, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Online application of multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometry -- nuclear masses and beyond Saitama, Japan
May 9, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: A Light in the Dark - Massive Star Birth Through Cosmic Time NEW Saitama, Japan
May 10, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Highly Reactive Heavy Alkaline-Earth Complexes for Hydroelementation and Dehydrocoupling Catalysis Saitama, Japan
May 12, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Evolution of nuclear structure and collectivity in the rare-earth region Saitama, Japan
May 23, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Chiral Interactions in Thin Film Magnets Saitama, Japan
May 30, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Spontaneous Supersymmetry Breaking and Nambu-Goldstone Fermions in Extended Nicolai Models NEW Saitama, Japan
May 31, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Alignment Orientation and Ionization of Molecules in Femstosecond Laser Fields Saitama, Japan
May 31, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Electron-electron correlation effect in strong field double ionization of Kr and laser induced electron diffraction of polyatomic molecule Saitama, Japan
Jun 6, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Hidden supersymmetry in the Fateev-Zamolodchikov spin chain Saitama, Japan
Jul 7, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Natural Products Total Synthesis Using Photo-reactions Saitama, Japan
Jul 14, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation: insights from early diverging trypanosomes Saitama, Japan