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Date Title Location
Mar 3, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Nuclear electric dipole moment of 3-body systems in the Gaussian expansion method Saitama, Japan
Mar 10, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Coexistence in Nuclei Saitama, Japam
Mar 17, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: GLOBAL - ultra-low background experiment on the Earth's surface - Saitama, Japan
Mar 18, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: The transverse-electric mode of terahertz waveguides: new applications Sendai, Japan
Mar 19, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Design and Application of Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donors for Enantioselective Catalysis Saitama, Japan
Mar 19, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Novel insights into the actinoporin-like protein superfamily Saitama, Japan
Mar 23-25, 2015 CDB Sumposium 2015 Kobe, Japan
Mar 24, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Biodegradable thermogelling polymers and its clinical applications Saitama, Japan
Mar 25, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Ultrafast Electron Microscopy: Principle and Demonstrations in Chemical and Materials Science Saitama, Japan
Mar 25, 2015 RIKEN Seminar: Density functional approaches to the energy storage and environmental materials: Theory and applications Saitama, Japan
May 11-12, 2015 RIKEN Symposium: 2015 Bridging Biomedical Worlds: From Neural Circuitry to Neurotechnology Tokyo, Japan
Jun 12 - Jul 17, 2015 RIKEN IMS Summer Program (RISP) 2015 Yokohama, Japan
Jun 18-19, 2015 RIKEN IMS-JSI International Symposium on Immunology 2015 Yokohama, Japan