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Date Title Location
Jun 3, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Sum Frequency generation spectroscopy reveals chemical structure and dynamics at interfaces Saitama, Japan
Jun 7, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Nucleon tomography at small-x Saitama, Japan
Jun 10, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Functional Multimodal Stimuli Responsive Materials Saitama, Japan
Jun 10, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Bioinspired Functional Hydrogels Embedded with Semiconducting Nanosheets Saitama, Japan
Jun 14, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Some implications of the 750 GeV diphoton excess Saitama, Japan
Jun 16-17, 2016 IMS-JSI International Symposium on Immunology 2016 "Immune homeostasis and diseases" Yokohama, Japan
Jun 17, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Electronic Correlations beyond Dynamical Mean Field Theory Saitama, Japan
Jun 20, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Trajectory-based nonadiabatic molecular dynamic simulations and its application to photochemical reaction Saitama, Japan
Jun 28, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Covariantized M(atrix) theory for D-particles Saitama, Japan
Jun 28, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Visible Light Photoredox-Catalyzed Multicomponent Reactions NEW Saitama, Japan
Jul 1, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Accretion Disk formation following tidal disruption of stars on bound orbits around spinning supermassive black holes Saitama, Japan
Jul 7, 2016 RIKEN Seminar: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Control over Growth of Supramolecular Stacks Saitama, Japan
Sep 5-7, 2016 RIKEN QBiC Symposium "Decoding Organisms by Quantitative Cell Profiling" Osaka, Japan