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Date Title Location
Jun 26, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Big data in biology - opportunities and challenges Yokohama, Japan
Jun 27, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Microbial fermentation products shape host immune system through epigenetic modifications Yokohama, Japan
Jun 30, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: The puzzle of complex organic molecules in prestellar cores Saitama, Japan
Jul 3, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Neutron scattering at MLZ and European prospectives for new neutron sources Wako, Saitama
Jul 5, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Lambda_c N interaction from lattice QCD and its application to Lambda_c hypernuclei Saitama, Japan
Jul 5, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Lattice QCD study on baryon-baryon interactions Saitama, Japan
Jul 7, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Natural Products Total Synthesis Using Photo-reactions Saitama, Japan
Jul 10, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Research for Tackling Hazardous Space Environment Saitama, Japan
Jul 11, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: String field theory for tensionless strings and N=(2,0) superconformal theory in six-dimensions Saitama, Japan
Jul 14, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation: insights from early diverging trypanosomes Saitama, Japan
Jul 14, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: What are unique charge and spin transport signatures of 3D topological insulators? NEW Saitama, Japan
Jul 18, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: The research reactor BER II and Neutron Optics at the Helmholtz-Center Berlin NEW Saitama, Japan
Jul 18, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Evolutionary acquisition of promoter-associated non-coding RNA(pancRNA) repertoires diversifies species-dependent gene activation mechanisms in mammals NEW Ibaraki, Japan
Jul 19, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Functional organization and dynamics of rodent intrinsic brain activity Saitama, Japan
Jul 24, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: Brain Health, Society, and Evolution Kobe, Japan
Jul 25, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Production of carbon nanosheets via oxidative exfoliation and functionalization of graphite Saitama, Japan
Aug 3, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Mitigating persistent and anomalous noise in ion microtraps NEW Saitama, Japan
Aug 26, 2017 RIKEN Symposia: 2nd International Symposium on Attosecond Science Saitama, Japan