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Date Title Location
Jan 17, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Deep learning the quantum phase transitions in random electron systems Saitama, Japan
Jan 18, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Full jet with hydrodynamic response in QGP Saitama, Japan
Jan 18, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Preparation of nanomaterials and nanocomposites from amphiphilic homo- and block copolymers Saitama, Japan
Jan 19, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Efficient Separation and Transfer of Photogenerated Charges-the Key Scientific issue of Solar Energy Conversion Saitama, Japan
Jan 23, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Atomically Resolved STM Investigations of Topological Dirac Semimetals Saitama, Japan
Jan 23, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Magnetism and topological insulators NEW Saitama, Japan
Jan 24, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Boundary Conditions of Topological Insulators and Weyl Semimetals Saitama, Japan
Jan 30, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Transcription factories: genome organization and gene regulation NEW Hyogo, Japan
Jan 31, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Inverse scattering problem and generalized optical theorem Saitama, Japan
Jan 31, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Regulation of neural stem cell fate during development and in the adulthood Hyogo, Japan
Feb 2, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Investigating how condensin associates with chromatin and impinges on gene expression Saitama, Japan
Feb 17, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Impurity scattering for spin-orbit transport: from Hall effects to spin-orbit torques by ab-initio theory Saitama, Japan
Feb 22, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Imaging ultrafast dynamics on the nanoscale with terahertz scanning tunneling microscopy NEW Miyagi, Japan
Mar 24, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Magnon Transport in Insulating Magnets NEW Saitama, Japan
Mar 29-30, 2017 RIKEN Interdisciplinary Symposium for Young Scientists Kanagawa, Japan