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November 1, 2010

24th Japan IBM Science Prize Awarded to Hideki Hirayama

Hideki Hirayama

It has been announced that the 24th Japan IBM Science Prize in Electronics will be awarded to Dr. Hideki Hirayama for his work on the development of high-quality AlGaN-based semiconductor crystals and advanced research on deep-UV LEDs. Dr. Hirayama is the Team Leader of the Terahertz Quantum Device Team, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute (ASI).

The prize is intended to contribute to the improvement of basic science research and to encourage young researchers. The prize is awarded to persons who have made major contributions to physics, chemistry, and computational science and electronics, and was established in 1987. There were four projects and four prize recipients announced this year.

The recipients will make presentations on their individual research at the award ceremony to be held on November 29 at IBM Japan headquarters.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Dr. Hirayama on this honor.

Brief Resume


1989-1994 Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1994 Tokyo Institute of Technology, PhD (Department of Physical Electronics)

Research Experience

2005-present Team Leader, Terahertz Quantum Device Laboratory, RIKEN
1994-2005 Research Scientist of RIKEN
2004-present Visiting Professor, Saitama University


2010 APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
2005 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Young Scientist Award, MEXT
2003 6th Marubun Incentive Award, Marubun Research Foundation
Award Presentation
Commemorative Lecture

Award Presentation and Commemorative Lecture (November 29, 2010)