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February 10, 2014

RIKEN Research launches new "Perspectives" series

We are pleased to announce that RIKEN Research, our magazine for the scientific community, has launched a new series of articles: the RIKEN Perspectives articles.

RIKEN Perspectives articles give RIKEN's expert assessment of pioneering fields in science and technology that have the potential to address key issues and problems facing mankind.

In each Perspectives article, a distinguished researcher at RIKEN examines the current state of the field and discusses future developments and challenges, as well as outlining RIKEN's contributions to the field and directions for the future.

Combining RIKEN's world-class expertise in research with its commitment to advancing the societal impact of science and technology, RIKEN Perspectives offer a long-term, authoritative view on some of the most ground-breaking research areas today.

In the first Perspectives article, Yoshinori Tokura, Director of the recently created RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science presents recent advances in emergent matter science, a new and rapidly growing area of research seeking to understand and exploit the unusual phenomena that arise when materials or forces are combined in novel ways.

In the second, Yasuyoshi Watanabe, Director of the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies, explains how RIKEN is using synergies from synthetic biology, genomics, functional imaging and other disciplines to usher in a new era of drug discovery.

Perspectives articles will be published online and in the print edition of RIKEN Research. To sign up for email alerts or to download a PDF of the magazine, please register on our website.