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December 18, 2014

CLST to host international symposium on liver cancer

On January 21, the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST) will host an international symposium on the systems biology of liver cancer, sponsored by the Modhep (Modelling Hepatocellular Carcinoma) Project, an international collaboration funded by the EU working toward a better understanding liver cancer, which is one of the most common malignancies worldwide and which remains a largely incurable disease. The concept at the heart of MODHEP is that the pathologic behavior of cancer cells is controlled by an abnormally reprogrammed genome, and that understanding cancer requires that the molecular basis for genome reprogramming be unraveled and described within an integrated model.

The talks at the symposium will focus on different issues related to liver cancer and liver disease in general, such as biomarkers, liver cancer genome sequencing, immunology, and epigenetics.

The symposium will be held at the Koryuto Hall on the RIKEN Yokohama campus. Registration is open until January 11. For more information see here.