Research Environment

RIKEN offers one of the richest and most advanced environments in the world for scientific research.

RIKEN centers provide high-quality, high-performance equipment and world-class experimental facilities enabling research at the forefront of science and technology. RIKEN also grants its laboratory heads a level of autonomy that is unique among international research organizations. It is in bringing together an advanced research infrastructure with this unique respect for research independence that RIKEN creates an environment highly conducive to the pursuit of cutting-edge research.

Below is a list of RIKEN's key large-scale facilities available for shared use to researchers from around the world, working in academia and industry.

Bioresources for the life sciences
The RIKEN BioResource Center
Collecting, preserving and supplying bioresources essential to life science research.
The RIKEN K computer
Computer Science and Computational Sciences
The K computer
Japan's most powerful supercomputer.
Accelerator-Based Science
The Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory
The world’s most powerful ion beam facility.
X-ray Free Electron Laser
Japan's X-FEL facility, opened for shared use.

Synchrotron Radiation Science
The world’s most effective synchrotron radiation facility for shared use.
Life Science Technology
The RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies
Facilities dedicated to innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences.