Centers & Labs

Centers & Labs

Strategic Research Centers

Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
The AIP carries out basic theoretical research and is working to develop innovative technologies in the field of informatics, with the aim to achieve scientific breakthroughs and to contribute to the welfare of society and humanity.
Center for Advanced Photonics
The RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP) is helping to realize the dream of making the invisible visible by pushing the possibilities of light to the extreme.
Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
By grasping the life of multicellular organisms as dynamic systems of molecules, cells and organs, researchers at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research aim to contribute to healthy lifespans through elucidating phenomena involved in development and aging, and developing regenerative medicine and diagnostics.
Center for Brain Science
The brain is the essence of our minds that makes us human. As Japan’s premier research center for brain science, the RIKEN Center for Brain Science advances basic brain research at multiple scales from individual cells to behaving organisms and social interaction, towards the ultimate goal of benefiting society.
Center for Emergent Matter Science
The Center for Emergent Matter Science carries out advanced research combining physics, chemistry and electronics with the aim to harness the high energy efficiency in emergent materials.
Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program
The RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences (iTHEMS) research program is an international center where researchers in theoretical, mathematical, and computational science come together, using mathematical methods, to unravel mysteries of the Universe, matter, and life, as well as to solve key problems in modern society.
Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
At the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, researchers are committed to contributing to the advancement of medicine, focusing on genomic functions and the response of biological systems to environmental stress, and conducting state-of-the-art research on the pathogenesis and treatment of human diseases.
Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science
The RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, a major research center for nuclear physics, operates one of the world’s leading accelerator complexes, where scientists explore the mysteries of atomic nuclei.
Center for Sustainable Resource Science
The goal of the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science is to create a future world where people can live healthy and prosperous lives by carrying out problem-solving research and contributing to a sustainable society based on the concept of developing manufacturing methods with reduced environmental impact.

Research Infrastructure Centers

BioResource Research Center
Bioresources are essential for research in a broad range of fields in the life sciences. Scientists at the RIKEN BioResource Research Center are committed to collecting, preserving, and distributing bioresources ofthe world’s highest-level and to conducting necessary research and development.
Center for Computational Science
The RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) operates the K computer, is currently developing the post-K computer, and carries out development and sharing of technology and software to support computational science. R-CCS promotes scientific advances using these resources.
SPring-8 Center
The RIKEN SPring-8 Center’s mission is to operate SPring-8 and SACLA, two large-scale research facilities, to develop state-of-the-art technologies, and to foster the creation of new science through the use of brilliant x-rays. The RSC also develops cryo-electron microscopy and NMR that are analysis tools complementary to synchrotron radiation.

Cluster for Pioneering Research

At the RIKEN Pioneering Research Cluster, outstanding researchers with rich research achievements and strong leadership abilities serve as leaders of Chief Scientist Laboratories, from where they carry out innovative fundamental research, pioneer new research fields, and carry on research that crosses disciplinary and organizational barriers.

All-RIKEN Projects
These cross-organizational projects take advantage of RIKEN’s interdisciplinary spirit. Currently, the Cluster for Pioneering Research is operating two projects, the RIKEN Epigenome M anipulation Project and the RIKEN Integrated Symbiology (iSYM) project.
Chief Scientist Laboratories
In order to achieve the mission of the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research, Chief Scientist laboratories are established, led by scientists with outstanding research achievements, broad perspectives and excellent leadership abilities. The Chief Scientists carry out their own research based on a long-term perspective, in a way that crosses disciplinary and organizational barriers, while also considering the role of science within society, with the ultimate goal to create new fields of science.

Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub

The RIKEN Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub aims to promote further innovation in science and technology by developing RIKEN into a collaborative hub for industry, academia, including universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas, other national research and development agencies, and local governments.

Baton Zone Program
The RIKEN Baton Zone Program fosters collaborations with private companies, both in response to the needs of industry and to ensure the transfer of RIKEN’s scientific achievements into commercial applications through efficient technology transfer.
Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program
The objective of the Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program is to establish a platform that will bring together a range of research players to investigate diverse aspects of human biology and health and contribute to improving quality of life.
Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms
The RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms manages a system within RIKEN to facilitate the transfer of basic research on new drugs and medical technologies, carried out both inside and outside the institute, to the pharmaceutical industry and medical institutions.
Industrial Co-creation Program
Under the RIKEN Industrial Co-creation Program (ICoP), RIKEN and industry partners share research topics and technological “seeds” to jointly forge plans for collaborations with the potential to develop into specific joint research projects and large-scale collaborative research undertakings.
Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program
With the goal to develop personalized preventive medicine based on precise predictions, the Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program uses AI technology, including machine learning, to analyze patient data gathered through partnerships with hospitals, contributing to a better understanding of diseases.
Preventive Medicine and Diagnosis Innovation Program
The RIKEN Preventive Medicine and Diagnosis Innovation Program provides support for the discovery of novel biomarkers of disease, with the aim to return the fruits of RIKEN’s research in this field to society.

Information Research and Infrastructure

Head Office for Information Systems and Cybersecurity
The mission of the Head Office for Information Systems and Cybersecurity is to support the smooth conduct of RIKEN’s research activities and administration by planning, upgrading and managing the institute’s information infrastructure and strengthening cybersecurity. It also carries out research in the field of IT to support that mission.