Centers & Labs

Centers & Labs

Strategic Research Centers

Center for Emergent Matter Science
The Center for Emergent Matter Science carries out advanced research combining physics, chemistry and electronics with the aim to harness the high energy efficiency in emergent materials.
Center for Advanced Photonics
The goal of research at the Center for Advanced Photonics is to make the invisible visible by carrying out cutting-edge research in photonics and developing new ways to put photonics technology to the service of society.
Center for Sustainable Resource Science
The Center for Sustainable Resource Science conducts research focusing on the utilization of carbon, nitrogen and metals based on a fundamental understanding of biological functions and chemical diversity in order to contribute to establish a sustainable society.
Quantitative Biology Center
The Quantitative Biology Center aims to study and understand the control principles that regulate complex biological systems by developing innovative measuring, analysis, and modeling technologies.
Center for Developmental Biology
The CDB conducts basic research aiming to elucidate the mechanisms of development, and uses these results to contribute to advances in regenerative medicine.
Brain Science Institute
The Brain Science Institute pursues comprehensive brain science research in a wide range of fields including medical science, biology, physics, engineering, information science, mathematical science and psychology.
Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
Researchers at the Center for Integrative Medical Sciences are working to develop personalized medicine for the prevention and treatment of illnesses, by understanding the mechanism of homeostasis in biological systems and how the breakdown of homeostasis leads to disease.

Research Infrastructure Centers

BioResource Center
The RIKEN BioResource Center is engaged in the collection, preservation and distribution of bioresources with the aim to contribute to the development of scientific research.
Center for Life Science Technologies
Technological platform center aims to integrate RIKEN’s excellent life science technologies in order to promote innovation on drug development, medical care, and health science.
Advanced Institute for Computational Science
AICS is an international research center dedicated to operating the world-leading K computer and to achieving breakthroughs in computing and computational science.
SPring-8 Center
The RIKEN SPring-8 Center is a world-leading photon science research complex, featuring the third-generation synchrotron facility SPring-8 and the X-ray free electron laser facility SACLA.
Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science
The Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, a major research center for nuclear physics, operates one of the world’s leading accelerator complexes, where scientists explore the mysteries of nuclei.

Cluster for Industry Partnerships

Cluster for Industry Partnerships
The Cluster for Industry Partnerships provides a framework facilitating knowledge and technology transfer and enabling RIKEN to focus the full force of its diverse and inter-disciplinary capabilities on the grand challenges of our time.
Innovation Center
The Innovation Center fosters collaborations with private companies, both in response to the needs of industry and to ensure the transfer of RIKEN’s scientific achievements into commercial applications through efficient technology transfer.
Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms
This program is developing a system within RIKEN to facilitate the transfer of basic research into new drugs and medical technologies, based on research done at RIKEN and outside, to the pharmaceutical industry and medical institutions.
Preventive Medicine & Diagnosis Innovation Program
This program provides support for the discovery of novel biomarkers of disease, with the aim to return the fruits of RIKEN’s research in this field to society.

Chief Scientist System, etc.

Chief Scientist Laboratories
The Chief Scientists, as the core of RIKEN’s cross-disciplinary research system, use their experience and leadership abilities to help steer the direction of RIKEN’s research.
Associate Chief Scientist Laboratories
The Associate Chief Scientists at RIKEN are young scientists with the character, drive and long-term vision needed to take the lead in pioneering new areas of scientific research.
Distinguished Senior Scientist Laboratories
Distinguished Senior Scientist Laboratories are set up and managed by particularly distinguished researchers with outstanding records and leadership ability.
Initiative Research Units / Special Research Units
Initiative Research Units are laboratories created under the Initiative Research Units program, which gave non-Japanese scientists with outstanding research records the opportunity to pursue independent research and expand RIKEN’s activities into pioneering areas of research.
Research Groups
Research Groups are established to allow projects funded by the Pioneering Projects in the Competitive Program for Creative Science and Technology to be carried out under an optimal structure.
Global Research Cluster
The mission of RIKEN's Global Research Cluster is to push forward the frontiers of science through integrated global research transcending national and regional boundaries.
HPCI Program for Computational Life Sciences
This program promotes R&D activities making full use of the K computer and establishes new infrastructure to promote computational science and technology.
Advanced Center for Computing and Communication
The Advanced Center for Computing and Communication manages the computing and communications infrastructure within RIKEN and provides technical and R&D support to the supercomputer and bioinformatics programs.