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Causal Inference Team

Team Leader: Shohei Shimizu (D.Eng.)
Shohei  Shimizu(D.Eng.)

Our group works on different topics related to causal inference. In particular, we develop theory, methods, algorithms, and software for estimating causal relations based on data that are obtained from sources other than randomized experiments, i.e., causal discovery.

Main Research Field

Computer Science

Related Research Fields

Biology & Biochemistry / Neuroscience & Behavior / Psychology & Psychiatry / Economics & Business

Research Subjects

  • Causal discovery

Selected Publications

Papers with an asterisk(*) are based on research conducted outside of RIKEN.
  1. *Shimizu, S., and Bollen, K.:
    "Bayesian estimation of causal direction in acyclic structural equation models with individual-specific confounder variables and non-Gaussian distributions"
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 15, 2629-2652 (2014).
  2. *Shimizu, S., Inazumi, T., Sogawa, Y., Hyvärinen, A., Kawahara, Y., Washio, T., Hoyer, P. O., and Bollen, K.:
    "DirectLiNGAM: A direct method for learning a linear non-Gaussian structural equation model"
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 12, 1225--1248 (2011).
  3. *Shimizu, S., Hoyer, P. O., Hyvärinen, A., and Kerminen, A.:
    "A linear non-gaussian acyclic model for causal discovery"
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 7, 2003--2030 (2006).
  4. *Tashiro, T., Shimizu, S., Hyvärinen, A., and Washio, T.:
    "ParceLiNGAM: A causal ordering method robust against latent confounders"
    Neural Computation, 26, 57--83 (2014).
  5. *Hoyer, P.O., Shimizu, S., Kerminen, A., and Palviainen, M.:
    "Estimation of a structural vector autoregression model using non-Gaussianity"
    International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 49, 362-378 (2008).
  6. *Hyvärinen, A., Zhang, K., Shimizu, S., and Hoyer, P.O.:
    "Estimation of causal effects using linear non-gaussian causal models with hidden variables"
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 11, 1709-1731 (2010).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Shohei Shimizu
Team Leader

Core Members

Chao Li
Postdoctoral Researcher