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RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science

Bioproductivity Informatics Research Team

Team Leader: Keiichi Mochida (Ph.D.)
Keiichi  Mochida(Ph.D.)

Our team aims to develop plants with improvements in the quantitative and qualitative productivity of cellulosic biomass. By using model grass, we carry out gene discovery to improve biomass productivity and adaptively to environmental changes in plants. Furthermore, we are promoting applied researches for plants for biomass resources in collaboration with universities and institutes.

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Informatics / Agricultural sciences


  • Genome
  • Bioinformatics
  • Increase plant biomass production
  • Grasses
  • Genome polyploidy

Selected Publications

  1. Nasr Esfahani M, Inoue K, Chu HD, Nguyen KH, Ha CV, Watanabe Y, Burritt DJ, Herrera-Estrella L, Mochida K*, Tran LP*.:
    "Comparative transcriptome analysis of nodules of two Mesorhizobium-chickpea associations with differential symbiotic efficiency under phosphate deficiency."
    Plant J (2017). (in press)
  2. Mochida K, Sakurai T, Seki H, Yoshida T, Takahagi K, Sawai S, Uchiyama H, Muranaka T, Saito K.:
    "Draft genome assembly and annotation of Glycyrrhiza uralensis, a medicinal legume."
    Plant J. 89(2), 181-194. (2017).
  3. Onda, Y., and Mochida, K.*:
    "Exploring Genetic Diversity in Plants by Using High-Throughput Sequencing Techniques."
    Current Genomics 17 (3), 356-365. (2016).
  4. Kouzai, Y., Kimura, M., Yamanaka, Y., Watanabe, M., Matsui, H., Yamamoto, M., Ichinose, Y., Toyoda, K., Onda, Y., Mochida, K. and Noutoshi, Y.:
    "Expression profiling of marker genes responsive to the defence-associated phytohormones salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene in Brachypodium distachyon."
    BMC Plant Biology 16, 59. (2016).
  5. Takahagi K, Uehara-Yamaguchi Y, Yoshida T, Sakurai T, Shinozaki K, Mochida K*, Saisho D*.:
    "Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms based on RNA sequencing data of diverse bio-geographical accessions in barley."
    Sci Rep. 6, 33199. (2016).
  6. Mochida, K.*, Saisho, D. and Hirayama, T.;
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  7. Onda, Y., Hashimoto, K., Yoshida, T., Sakurai, T., Sawada, Y., Yokota Hirai, M., Toyooka, K., Mochida, K., Shinozaki, K.:
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    Proc. R. Soc. B 282, 20150964 (2015).
  8. Onda, Y., Mochida, K., Yoshida, T., Sakurai, T., Seymour, R.S., Umekawa, Y., Pirintsos, S.A., Shinozaki, K., and Ito, K.:
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  9. Miyazaki, Y., Maruyama, Y., Chiba, Y., Kobayashi, M.J., Joseph, B., Shimizu, K.K., Mochida, K., Hiura, T., Kon, H., and Satake, A.:
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    Ecol Lett. Oct;17(10):1299-1309 (2014) .
  10. Mochida, K., Uehara-Yamaguchi, Y., Takahashi, F., Yoshida, T., Sakurai, T., and Shinozaki, K.
    "Large-Scale Collection and Analysis of Full-Length cDNAs from Brachypodium distachyon and Integration with Pooideae Sequence Resources."
    PLoS One. Oct 9;8(10) (2013).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Keiichi Mochida
Team Leader

Core Members

Yoshihiko Onda
Research Scientist
Toshihisa Nomura
Research Scientist
Yusuke Kouzai
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Minami Shimizu
Technical Staff II
Yukiko Uehara
Technical Staff II
Komaki Inoue
Technical Staff II