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RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science

Computing and Network Team

Team Leader: Takashi Ichihara (D.Sci.)
Takashi  Ichihara(D.Sci.)

This team is in charge of development, management and operation of the computing and network environment, mail and information servers and data acquisition system, and management of the information security. We are operating Linux/Unix NIS/NFS cluster system for the data analysis of the experiments and general computing. We are operating mail server of Nishina Center which is capable of tagging spam mails and isolating virus-infected mail. Encrypted communications with the mail server enables us the secure and stable E-mail access from the remote place. We are operating several information servers such as WWW servers, Wiki servers, elog server, Groupware servers, streaming servers, research record server, and an anonymous FTP server ( We are developing a data-acquisition (DAQ) system for the RIBF. This DAQ system has functions of network-distributed data processing, hierarchical event building and parallel readout which are achieved with newly developed software and commodity hardware. This system merges data taken by different DAQ systems based on the time stamp. This DAQ system is both versatile and scalable, allowing it to meet the various requirements for RIBF experiments.

Main Research Field

Mathematical and physical sciences

Related Research Fields



  • Nuclear Physics
  • Direct Reaction
  • Charge exchange Reaction
  • RHIC Spin Phsics
  • Information security

Selected Publications

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  4. T. Ichihara,Y. Watanabe, K.Yoshida, and A.Yoshida.:
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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Takashi Ichihara
Team Leader

Core Members

Yasushi Watanabe
Senior Research Scientist
Hidetada Baba
Nishina Center Research Scientist