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Uses and Results of Your Donations

RIKEN would like to express our gratitude for all financial contributions we have received.

Solicited Donations (FY 2019)

There were three hundred and eighty solicited donations for a total amount of twenty-five million yen

  • Support for Future AI Talent
  • Donations for the support of high-performance computational science research and fostering of researchers towards Society 5.0
  • Donations for future research of intestinal bacteria
  • Donations for research on visual function regeneration
  • Minna no Midorimushi -Euglena- Project” (RIKEN Publications crowdfunding system)

Examples of utilization:

Donations for future research of intestinal bacteria

In the 21st century, the role of gut microbiota has been highlighted as one of the factors in the development of human health and a diseases. We are investigating the gut microbiota composition and lifestyle habits and conducting research on the relationship between gut microbiota and longevity, diseases and lifestyle diseases.

All your kind donations helped us hold the Gut Microbiota Future Forum for the purpose of exchange and fostering of young researchers who will play a leading role in the next generation of intestinal bacteria research.


Designated Donations (FY 2019)

There were fifty-four designated donations for a total amount of forty-seven million yen.

Cases (job title, division name, time of acceptance)

  • IMS Laboratory for Intestinal Ecosystem – Promotion of Hiroshi Ohno’s (Team Leader) immunology-related research
  • iTHEMS – Support of Tetsuo Hatsuda’s (Program Director) fostering of young researchers in nuclear physics
  • CSRS Biomolecular Characterization Unit – Support for Hiroshi Nakayama’s (Senior Research Scientist) research

...and more.

General Donations (FY 2019)

There were one hundred and twenty-four donations for a total amount of approximately sixteen million yen.

It was decided that the general donations for FY 2019 will be used for the following category:
Your kind donations will be used for the roll out of the “KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS” Project (production of “KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2020”) which is intended for the reinforcement of efforts towards fostering, securing, and producing talent.

General Donations (FY 2018)

There were one hundred and sixteen general donations for a total amount of approximately seventeen million yen.


Since FY 2017 we at RIKEN have been working on the “KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS” Project which utilizes books to express the way of life and thinking of scientists and deliver the fun and wonder of science itself. In FY 2019 we decided to make the KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS Project an annual event in order to convey the appeal of science in a more multifaceted and sustained way to a wide range of audiences focused on junior high and high school students, by kicking things off with our announcement of KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2019.

KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2019 consists of a total of 100 books which include themed books in Japanese (titles such as “元素ハンター” (direct translation: “Element Hunters”), “美しき数学” (direct translation: “Beautiful Mathematics”, and “科学する女性” (direct translation: “Women in Science”)) selected based on current topics in science and also 50 books of “KAGAKUDO Classics” which are all-time best reads that transcend generations.

Since the announcement of this project we have seen immense popularity of these books, and we successfully held book fairs at around 450 bookstores and libraries. In addition, several junior and senior high schools have introduced inquiry-based learning programs utilizing our KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS literature.

We have seen so many people pick up and admire these 100 books at various locations which allowed us to promote the true significance of this project. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest gratitude for everyone’s support! KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS Project official website (in Japanese)

「科学道100冊2019」記者発表の写真 KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2019 press conference
書店での展開の写真 Bookstore placement (at Junkudo Ikebukuro)
文科省情報ひろば展示の写真 Exhibit at the MEXT Information Plaza