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RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing (RQC)

Yasunobu Nakamura (D.Eng.) Director: Yasunobu Nakamura (Ph.D.)

Quantum mechanics was born in the early 20th century and contributed as the most fundamental theory in physics to the development of various fields in science and technology. For example, we may safely say that none of the computing and network technologies indispensable in our society would have existed without understanding of quantum mechanics. However, the novel concepts in quantum information science, rapidly growing since the end of the last century, have revealed that we have not fully exploited the potential of quantum mechanics. The RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing (RQC) explores the frontier of quantum technologies through the research and development of quantum computers as innovative information processing units based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Our full-stack approach covers broad aspects of the research and development from hardware to software and from basic science to applications.

Deputy Director, RQC: Akira Furusawa (Ph.D.) , Shinichci Yorozu (Ph.D.)

Main Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering

Related Research Fields

  • Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Complex Systems
  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Computational science
  • Atomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics
  • General applied physics


  • Quantum computer
  • Quantum Information Science
  • Qubit
  • Superconductivity
  • Quantum Optics


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Contact Information

2-1 Hirosawa,
Wako, Saitama,
351-0198, Japan
Email: rqc_info [at] ml.riken.jp