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Donations ~Let’s work together for a great future~

RIKEN accepts donations from individuals and corporations for the enhancement and development of research.

To support this research, RIKEN depends to a great extent on an operational budget from the Japanese government and competitive funds for strategic key national projects. These funding sources are not enough, however, to cover the broad and diverse range of activities conducted here. Your donations are invaluable in helping us to support the kind of creative, pioneering research that sows the seeds for innovative new applications.
Details about RIKEN’s donations programs are provided in the sections below.

Types of Donations

RIKEN accepts donations in one of three different forms: as solicited donations, designated donations or general donations.

The online donation system is inaccessible now. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Solicited Donations

Solicited donations are an opportunity for RIKEN to seek support from individuals and corporations for a specific purpose, such as the organization of an international conference or summer school, or the maintenance or establishment of an exhibition facility.

Current projects

Pioneer support for quantum information science and quantum computation

To send a donation

For more details, please see the Project outline.

Closed: Donations to support basic and applied research for the next generation organ regenerative medicine.(This project ended at December 28, 2023.)

Donations to support sustainable resource science research and researcher development to contribute to the SDGs

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For more details, please see the Project outline.

Support for Future AI Talent

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For more details, please see the Project outline.

Designated Donations

Designated donations provide individuals and corporations the flexibility to specify exactly which research activities the donated money will be used for. A donor who wants their donation to be used to fund a specific new technology or researcher, for example, may specify the name of the laboratory or researcher to whom the funds will be allocated.

To make a designated donation, please fill out the online form.

General Donations

General donations from individuals and corporations provide funding to advance science and raise the standard of technology research in Japan.

General donations are used for the following purposes:

  • 1.To promote research in fields that address socially relevant areas.
  • 2.To increase the visibility of newsworthy research results.
  • 3.To make improvements to the research environment.
  • 4.To strengthen human resources initiatives, including training, recruitment, and career support.
  • 5.To strengthen internationalization initiatives.
  • 6.To promote domestic and international collaboration and shared use of resources.
  • 7.To contribute to the community through our research.

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Benefits of Donating

To publicize the important support of our donors, RIKEN optionally posts the names of donor individuals and organizations on the main RIKEN website once receipt of their donations has been confirmed. Donors are also invited to enroll in “Supporters of RIKEN”, RIKEN's donor association. It is only a Japanese site.

Uses and Results of Your Donations

For more information please see the RIKEN regulation for donations.


If you have further questions, please contact the External Funds Office.

External Funds Office, RIKEN
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako, Saitama
351-0198 JAPAN
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