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Greetings from the President

松本 紘

RIKEN was founded in 1917 to promote the growth of Japanese industry by achieving breakthroughs in scientific and applied research. It is an institution with a long history of transformations over the past century, from private research foundation to private and then public corporation, and most recently, independent administrative institution. As of April 1, 2015, RIKEN’s status has changed once again, to that of national research and development institute.

Even as it has undergone these changes in response to the needs of the nation and of the times, RIKEN has remained Japan’s sole comprehensive research institute in the natural sciences, consistently performing leading-edge research in a wide array of scientific areas spanning physics, engineering, chemistry, computational science, biology, and medicine.

Now, as a national research and development institute, RIKEN’s mission is to maximize research and development outcomes effectively and efficiently. We must at all times remain keenly aware of our responsibility to society, while at the same time ensuring the autonomy and creativity of our scientists. Further, we must continue to apply ourselves to implementing the Action Plan adopted in 2014, which is being overseen by a Management and Action Plan Monitoring Committee. These measures will help to create an environment in which our researchers can carry out their work with pride. 

We will link our discoveries in science and technology to the creation of new value, integrate the synergies that distinguish RIKEN, and strengthen our collaborations with partners inside and outside Japan. We will do this by continuing with basic research, which is the source of knowledge, and by developing outstanding technologies. As a world leader in science, RIKEN will strive to create a better life for the Japanese people and contribute to the global community.

RIKEN President Hiroshi Matsumoto

Hiroshi Matsumoto, President

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