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Collaboration with Industry

Collaboration with Industry (The Baton Zone)

The Baton Zone at RIKEN promotes R&D through collaborations between RIKEN and industry both in basic research and practical application of research outcomes. There are various systems for working together with industry.

Collaboration Centers

Collaboration Centers, with the collaborating company’s name as part of the Center name, work on mid- and long-term challenges incorporating proposals from companies. These Centers aim to create new research fields by collaborating with industry, and to foster human resources in an environment that combines the culture of RIKEN and industry. Eight Centers are set up and running as of April 2022.

Integrated Collaborative Research Program with Industry

A Team Leader will be appointed from industry to lead a term-limited collaborative research team that focuses on initiatives of the development staff. Research is conducted by connecting the needs of industry and society with RIKEN’s cutting-edge research seeds. Eight Teams are actively carrying out research as of April 2022.

Sponsored Laboratories

Sponsored Laboratories are run with corporate funds that are used to invite outstanding researchers to carry out research. one laboratry is in active operation as of April 2022.

Sponsored Units

External funds are used to operate Sponsored Units to promote technology transfer through collaboration with the industry sector.

What is The Baton Zone?

RIKEN aims to develop a system that leads to smooth technology transfer and practical application by contributing both explicit knowledge, such as patents and research papers, and know-how, or tacit knowledge. The name of the system alludes to the baton zone in track and field sports. The program has successfully achieved many innovative research outcomes from early stages.

Schematic showing the Baton Zone's strategy