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RIKEN ECL Research Team / RIKEN ECL Research Unit

Outstanding junior researchers are assigned to positions according to their career stage, and can carry out research based on their own innovative thinking as a PI. The RIKEN Early Career Leaders Program (RIKEN ECL Program), established in 2023, expands on the RIKEN Hakubi Fellows Program by creating the position of Unit Leader, a flexible research position at a host research center, in addition to the Team Leader position. The Program supports early career researchers who will launch their own laboratory at RIKEN and take on the challenges of leading their own research project, with the aim of fostering the next generation of outstanding researchers who can be entrusted with the future.


List of Organizations

Digital Twin for Light-Matter Interaction RIKEN ECL Research Team
Shuntaro Tani (Ph.D.)
Meson RIKEN ECL Research Team
Tadashi Hashimoto (Ph.D)