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Global Summit of Research Institute Leaders

Every year in Kyoto, Japan, people involved in science and technology policy and research gather for an event called the STS forum, standing for "science and technology in society." As a satellite event, leaders from government research institutes from around the world come together on the Saturday before the STS forum starts, to discuss challenges and shared issues between research institutes. RIKEN has been the leading institute in taking the initiative to hold this event since 2012, when it was first held. Currently, the event is co-hosted by RIKEN and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Group photo of the twelfth summit

Each year, the event has focused on a different theme, and has been structured as a series of talks by speakers either from within the group or by invited guests, followed by a general discussion and the adoption of a closing statement. In the past, the themes have been:

  • 2012: Introductions of members
  • 2013: Brain circulation
  • 2014: Nurturing young researchers
  • 2015: Collaboration with universities
  • 2016: Collaboration with industry
  • 2017: Contributing to the attainment of a sustainable society
  • 2018: Science interacting with society
  • 2019: Instruments and mechanisms for multilateral collaboration among institutes
  • 2020: Multilateral collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2021: Contributing to resilient societies through science and technology
  • 2022: Diversity of funding
  • 2023: Challenges facing research institutions from potentially disruptive technologies, in particular generative AI

News from past summits