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RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR)

Shigeo  Koyasu(D.Sci.) Director: Shigeo Koyasu (D.Sci.)

To transform Japan into a science and technology superpower, it is necessary to make scientific advances in a variety of fields and develop unique and innovative technologies.

To make this possible, RIKEN must simultaneously manage the strategic research centers, which carry out the national research and technology plan, and also pioneer new fields of research that are not yet being studied elsewhere. The mission of the RIKEN Pioneering Research Cluster is to provide impetus for the second.

At the Cluster, Chief Scientists run their own laboratories where they carry out leading edge fundamental research, while simultaneously promoting cross-sectoral research projects that bring together, in an organic way, researchers within and outside RIKEN, leading to the opening of new areas of science and sowing the seeds for new strategic research projects for Japan.


Chief Scientist Laboratories

In order to achieve the mission of the Pioneering Research Clusters, scientists with outstanding research achievements, broad perspectives and excellent leadership abilities are recruited as to as the leaders of Chief Scientist Laboratories. Chief Scientists carry out their own research based on a long-term perspective,

Details: Chief Scientist Laboratories

All-RIKEN Projects

Epigenome Manipulation Project

In the RIKEN Epigenome Manipulation Project, researchers are developing methods to replicate the actions that environmental factors exert on the epigenome, redress epigenetic abnormalities, and use epigenetic changes to create more robust living things, with the goal to contribute to better human lives and environment.

Integrated Symbiology (iSYM)

The Integrated Symbiology (iSYM) Project will utilize the diverse ecosystems of Japan to comprehensively understand microbial - host symbiotic systems. We will develop technologies and infrastructure that will contribute to the promotion of symbiotic research to establish a foundation for the promotion of the bio industry that exploits symbiotic systems.

Details: Integrated Symbiology (iSYM)

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