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For Journalists

RIKEN is a world-leading scientific institution committed to engaging with the grand challenges of our times, for the benefit of society. RIKEN’s International Public Relations Team ensures that the most noteworthy research carried out at RIKEN reaches a global audience, through the production of press releases and other English-language publications. To be added to our press list please send us an email.

Our team also assists journalists willing to report on the work of RIKEN researchers. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an interview with RIKEN staff or film on the RIKEN campuses.

In addition, the team oversees the publication of the magazine RIKEN Research. RIKEN Research aims to showcase the best of research from RIKEN to the international community. If you would like to receive the RIKEN Research table of contents directly in your inbox please subscribe by sending an email to rikenresearch [at] riken.jp.

Contact information

RIKEN International Affairs Division
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako, Saitama
Japan 351-0198
Tel: +81-48-462-1225
Email: pr [at] riken.jp

Find an Expert 

RIKEN is home to 2,000 scientists coming from 51 different countries, who are experts in fields ranging from plant science to quantum physics. Please contact us if you would like us to help you find an expert.

For the RIKEN community

Image of a researcher interviewed

We are here to ensure a positive coverage of RIKEN’s research and achievements in the international news media. If your team has an upcoming paper that might be of interest to the media, please let us know and we’ll help you in promoting it to the international media.

The international Public Relations team would be happy to advise RIKEN researchers on how to work with the media, please contact us if you are interested and would like for more information.

More about RIKEN

For more information about RIKEN’s research campuses and centers please visit the Centers and Labs page of this website. To find out about RIKEN’s evolution over the past 100 years please visit our History page. You will also find useful facts and figures about RIKEN on our Facts and Figures page. We are on Facebook and X (former Twitter), follow us @RIKENHQ and @riken_en For videos of RIKEN, please visit our YouTube channel.