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Uses and Results of Your Donations

RIKEN would like to express our gratitude for all financial contributions we have received.

Solicited Donations (FY 2021)

There were 54 donations for a total amount of 13,565,200 JPY.

  • Donations to support basic and applied research for next generation organ regenerative medicine (27 donations for a total of 932,200 JPY)
  • Donations to support sustainable resource science research and researcher development to contribute to the SDGs (18 donations for a total of 6,750,000 JPY)
  • Support for Future AI Talent (6 donations for a total of 333,000 JPY)
  • Donations for research on visual function regeneration (19 donations with a total of 6,338,000 JPY)
  • Donations for research on visual function regeneration (2 donations for a total of 5,500,000 JPY) *Donations closed on October 31, 2021
  • Donations for the support of high-performance computational science research and fostering of researchers towards Society 5.0 (1 donation of 50,000 JPY) *Donations closed on March 31, 2021. The donation transaction will be processed by credit card payment.

Initiatives performed through donations

Designated Donations (FY 2021)

There were 55 donations for a total amount of 54,228,446 JPY.

Examples (division and team names are as of at the time of acceptance)

  • Laboratory for Human Disease Models, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences Research support for performing “Combined inhibition of XIAP and BCL2 driving maximal therapeutic efficacy in genetically diverse aggressive acute myeloid leukemia” and research toward a cure for malignant leukemia
  • Laboratory for Molecular Pathology of Psychiatric Disorders, RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) Research support for elucidation of the pathology of schizophrenia and other intractable mental disorders
  • RIKEN Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub (RCSTI), RIKEN Baton Zone Program (BZP), Vaccine Innovation Laboratory Research support for development of multi-antigen peptide vaccine led by Team Leader Ken-ichi Masuda


Our gratitude for your kind support

General Donations (FY 2021)

There were 120 donations for a total amount of 15,634,000 JPY.

The FY 2021 General Donations will be utilized for the following initiatives.

  • Strengthening efforts to develop, secure, and produce talent: Development of activities to promote understanding through the KAGAKUDO Project
  • Strengthening internationalization efforts: Support for non-Japanese researchers upon arrival

*The use of general donations is decided upon deliberation by the Committee for the Promotion of Donations based on proposals for the use of general donations solicited within the office.

FY 2020 General Donations
There were 140 donations for a total of 26,847,090 JPY.

We used your kind donations to promote research on areas/themes with a social focus; strengthen efforts to develop, secure, and produce talent; and promote internal/external collaboration and joint use.

Donated Initiatives and Our Gratitude for Your Kind Support

COVID-19-related R&D
Creation of TMPRSS2 antibody-based inhibitors of COVID-19 infections

We sincerely thank you for your support of our research activities. We are currently developing therapeutic agents for COVID-19 infections using the donations for research. COVID-19, which caused a global outbreak from 2020, has become a pandemic of unprecedented proportions. With the development of a revolutionary RNA vaccine and antibody cocktail therapy, the disease is finally being controlled in its third year.

On the other hand, however, the effectiveness of these vaccines and therapeutics has become limited against the virus variants that are emerging one after another, and new therapeutics are essential for the future. Whereas all previous antibody drugs have been directed against the spike protein of the virus, we have succeeded in creating antibodies against molecules on the human cell side that are essential for viral infection. Cellular-level studies have shown that this antibody drug can block infection of all mutant virus strains. However, it is not yet clear whether it works in vivo in the same way, and we are conducting further research on the infection-inhibitory effects of antibody drugs so that our results can be deployed as a new antibody drug against COVID-19 infection as soon as possible based on our research results.

RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS)
RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms (DMP)

Development of activities to promote understanding through the KAGAKUDO Project
"KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS" Project

In FY 2021, books were selected from three themes: "Future Engineering," "Brain and Mind," and "Connected Earth. An exhibit was displayed in a total of 500 libraries and schools. Many people picked up the books and were able to experience the life and thinking of scientists. The Project was successful in conveying the fascination and wonder of science through the books selected. We deeply appreciate your support!

Public Relations Office

Kagakudo 100 Books website (Japanese language only)

Project to accelerate building of an outdoor environment to enhance cooperation and mutual understanding between the Tsukuba area community based on an agreement with Tsukuba City and RIKEN

Tennis court facilities (approx. 1,400 m2) on the Tsukuba Campus are available for use by local residents as part of our cooperation with the local community. It serves to promote the health and welfare of local residents and provides a place for exchange and relaxation. With the support of the donations, we were able to replace the lighting fixtures in the facility with LEDs and equipment with higher safety mounting brackets. This is expected to significantly improve safety and functionality in the event of an earthquake disaster, as well as reduce the environmental impact and consideration for the local environment. Thank you for your support.

Tsukuba Administrative Division, Tsukuba Branch