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Education in Wako and Tokyo area


Various options are available in Tokyo. The list below provides you with some ideas for international schools and English education materials. As mentioned, the school fees tend to be high and may involve relatively long commutes by train or bus from the RIKEN Wako campus.

List of International Preschools and Others

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Schools RIKEN Researcher Family Attendance Info
New Hope International School Several children have attended its preschool course
New International School Several children have attended its elementary course
International School of the Sacred Heart A few children have attended its high school course
Global Indian International School A few children have attended its elementary course
The International French School A few children have attended its elementary course
Aoba-Japan International School New addition to our list (in close proximity to RIKEN)

Embassies with schools

The Embassy of the Russian Federation to Tokyo Several children have attended
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Japan Several children have attended

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Other educational resources

English (conversation) schools: Schools and study materials that may be useful, especially for children under 3 years old.

Berlitz Kids English school
MLS, English School English lessons with various activities such as songs, rhymes, arts, crafts, and show & story time
Kids Duo Japanese preschool, afterschool day-care for elementary school children
  • English (conversation) schools, English speaking staff are available.
  • The lessons are developed for young children and include various activities: Dancing, singing, and games.
  • The lesson period is short and the number of lessons per week is optional.
  • The fee is reasonable compared to most international schools.

Home study materials (detailed information in Japanese only)

Benesse Worldwide Kids
Benesse Kodomo Challenge
The materials are popular among all children.
Not only English Language skills are taught, but children are also able to learn daily basic personal care, traffic rules etc. After leaving Japan, families still ask to receive monthly materials.