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Greetings from the President

Congratulations on your new position at RIKEN and in Japan! I very much hope that you will find it a challenging and rewarding experience, and that your experience here will be a memorable and positive one for your scientific career and for your life.

RIKEN is an exciting place to do work. Since our establishment more than a century ago, in 1917, we have been Japan's leading institute in research in the natural sciences. We have top-grade facilities in a number of areas, and an interdisciplinary atmosphere, which I think will challenge you to push yourself beyond what you have done so far. Our goal always is to provide you with the environment that will allow you to be the best researcher that you can become and to encourage you to do excellent science.

Also, though you may have heard that Japan is not always the easiest place for non-Japanese researchers to work, we are working hard to break that image. Japan in the past decade has taken on a much more international atmosphere, and RIKEN has been a leader in this area. In many of our laboratories English is already the de facto working language, and we have staff at our campuses throughout Japan who will be able to guide you through the challenges that you might encounter as you acclimatize yourself to Japan. In this section of the website you will find important information that will also help you during the process.

Again, welcome, and on behalf of our staff I look forward to working with you and to having great things emerge from your research work.