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On Campus Housing

The following campuses have on-campus housing:
Wako and Tsukuba.

RIKEN’s Yokohama facility does not have on-campus housing, however the following arrangements can be made:

  • For short-term stays, accommodations are available at a nearby facility for international students.
  • For long-term stays, Yokohama Institute staff will help in finding accommodations for researchers that are relocating to Japan to work full-time at RIKEN in Yokohama.

In Kobe:

  • RIKEN has an agreement with the city to allow RIKEN employees to rent conveniently located municipal apartments.
  • Plus, a full range of privately maintained apartments and homes are available, RIKEN staff are available to assist as needed.

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Off Campus Housing

For longer term stays, off-campus housing will be necessary. Housing search assistance and resources are available at all RIKEN campuses.

Move-in costs

Rental housing in Japan has potentially high move-in costs. The following payments may be required before moving in:

  • Refundable deposit: Usually one to two months’ rent
  • Non-refundable payment to the landlord (reikin): Usually one to two months’ rent
  • Real estate agent fee: Usually one month's rent
  • First month’s rent


In Japan, off-campus rental apartments are usually unfurnished, and you may need to rent or buy such basic necessities as furniture and appliances (sometimes including a cooking stove and refrigerator).


The tenant is responsible for all utilities. Arrangements can be made to have rent and utility bills automatically deducted from your bank account, at no extra cost. Utility bills may also be paid in cash, at convenience stores and banks.

Information for specific campuses