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Requirements for Non-RIKEN Employees

(Visiting researchers supported by external funds, interns, students, and trainees etc.)

Insurance (health insurance, travel accident insurance, etc.) coverage for medical care and hospitalization in Japan is required; it must be taken out individually or arranged for in advance. Private accident and personal liability insurance are strongly recommended and are required for interns. Non-RIKEN employees are regarded to be at RIKEN independently, and autonomously. Coverage and/or benefits are not available if a need arises, costs and coverage must be entirely paid for and arranged by the individual.


  • For interns, a copy of the insurance policy(s) or a combined policy must be submitted to RIKEN.
  • For stays of more than three months and enrollment in the Japanese national health insurance is required, please file that you had no annual income for the previous year in Japan (zero) with the designated city hall. Failure to file will result in a higher national health insurance tax premium (Calculation method varies).

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