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Foreign nationals receiving appointments from RIKEN require a valid working visa to work at a laboratory, and it is important and mandatory to arrive in Japan with the appropriate visa. The visa application process can take three months or more. Please make sure to allow enough time to ensure it will be ready for the start of your research activities at RIKEN. Below is the list of visa categories, which are sponsored by RIKEN, please click on the visa status category for more information. Each RIKEN host laboratory coordinates and facilitates visa arrangements, please contact them in advance.

Visa Classifications

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Visa status Required to whom RIKEN position
Researcher RIKEN employees Fixed-term Employee
Externally funded researchers conducting research activities at a RIKEN laboratory without RIKEN employment status Visiting Researcher
Visiting researchers receiving an honorarium from RIKEN Visiting Scientist
Cultural activities Visiting researchers, interns or trainees who will not be employed by RIKEN but will take part in unpaid research activities for three months or more at RIKEN Visiting Scientist
Student Trainee
IPA (international collaborations)
Temporary visitor Temporary visitors staying less than 90 days for unpaid research activities Visiting Scientist
Student Trainee
Visa exemption Temporary visitors from countries with a reciprocal visa waiver arrangement with Japan, staying short-term for unpaid research activities. Visiting Scientist
Student Trainee
Dependent Accompanying family members