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JRA Application Procedures

Applications may be submitted in the following three categories. These categories are only to define application criteria. There is no quota set on the number of applicants that may apply to each category.

  • Joint graduate school category
  • Joint research category
  • Research collaboration category

See Application guidelines for Research Supervisor
NOTE: Application can be made before the required joint research contract or research collaborative agreement has been concluded.

Application procedures

Required documents

Application documents may be in Japanese or English.

  • 1.JRA Application Form: 1
    • Form 1 must be filled out by the research supervisor and uploaded by the PI.
      [Form 1 / Form 1]
  • 2.Candidate’s reason for applying and outline of current research: 1 [Form 2]
    • Explain the reason for applying to the JRA program and present an outline of current research (content, significance, potential, etc.). Diagrams and charts may be included as necessary.
    • This form must be filled out and uploaded by the JRA candidate. All information must be contained within one page.
  • 3.Candidate’s research record, published papers, etc.: 1 [Form 3]
    • For papers published in academic journals give the following information: Authors, affiliations, journal name, publication date, volume number, and page numbers. Papers that have been submitted but not yet published should be marked “In printing”.
    • For oral presentations at academic symposiums and the like: Names of collaborating researchers, affiliations, presentation title, symposium/event name, location, and dates. Mark scheduled presentations, “Scheduled”.
    • List other writings, patents, awards and the like.
    • If there is not enough space on the form, you may give additional information on an attached A4-size sheet of paper.
    • If the candidate has no research record, mark the form, “None”.
    • If the candidate has a medical or dental license, include information on clinical experience and case reports.
    • This form must be uploaded by the JRA candidate.
  • 4.Outline of candidate’s research plan: 1 [Form 4]
    • Present an outline of the research the JRA candidate intends to conduct at RIKEN. If this research is different from the research the candidate is conducting at the time of application, explain briefly why this is so.
    • This form must be filled out and uploaded by the JRA candidate. All information must be contained within two pages.
    • If you want to start on October 1, indicate this on the form.
      [Forms 2-4 / Forms 2-4]
  • 5.Letter of recommendation from candidate’s research instructor
    In principle, must be written and uploaded by the supervising instructor at the candidate’s graduate school. If the candidate is currently involved in research at another institution, the letter of recommendation may be written by the supervisor at that institution. If the candidate has a medical or dental license, the letter of recommendation may be written by the candidate’s medical or dental school instructor or clinical training physician.
    There is no set format for the letter but it must meet the following conditions: It must be uploaded as PDF file and must be addressed to the President of RIKEN. You may scan the signature or upload a graphic version of the signature.
    (IMPORTANT: The email requesting the letter of recommendation will go out at the same time as you register. The deadline for the letter of recommendation is the same as the application deadline. Do not wait until too late to register or your instructor will not have time to prepare and send in the letter of recommendation. Your application cannot be accepted if the letter of recommendation does not arrive by the deadline. Contact your instructor early and register as early as possible. It will help to register your basic information early, as you will be able to revise it later and also upload any other revised documents by the deadline. You can check on the status of your letter of recommendation through the online application system.)
  • 6.Candidate’s academic record (1 copy each: undergraduate, master’s & doctorate transcripts)
    Submit undergraduate, master’s and doctorate course transcripts issued by the university and graduate school. If the candidate has not yet completed the master’s course and cannot get a transcript, a certificate of enrollment may be submitted instead. The policy is the same if the candidate has not yet completed the doctorate course and cannot get a transcript; a certificate of enrollment in the doctorate course may be submitted instead. These must be uploaded by the JRA candidate.
  • 7.Candidate’s representative papers (excluding master’s thesis): Only papers in which the candidate has played a major role should be submitted. Submission is not required if the candidate does not have any such papers, but a note should be made of this on the Candidate research record (3).These must be uploaded by the JRA candidate.
  • 8.If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you are required to submit the document, “Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR” with your signature. *You will find detailed information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the website of European Commission.
    Link to Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR

Download all forms above, fill them out, and upload to submit. Forms may be handwritten or typed. In addition to the forms, candidates must also upload an ID photo (4:3 aspect ratio). Submit the “Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR” in a PDF format to jra[at]riken.jp.

Who should prepare what

  • The RIKEN research supervisor must prepare and upload, via the host researcher, Form 1.
  • The JRA candidate must prepare and upload Forms 2 through 4, transcript of grades or student registration certificate, no more than 3 representative papers, and an ID photo.
  • The candidate’s research instructor must prepare and upload a recommendation letter.

Application Flowchart

Flowchart showing how to apply

Application period

Flowchart (1)-(3): From Friday, October 4 to 5 pm, Friday, November 8.

Flowchart (4)-(5): From Monday, November 11 to 5 pm, Friday, November 22.

How to submit

Applicants must submit through the RIKEN JRA Recruitment and Selection online system.