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RIKEN Student Researcher (RSR)

Program summary

The RIKEN Student Researcher (RSR) program provides opportunities for energetic and open-minded graduate students enrolled in master’s or doctoral courses at Japanese universities for the purposes of giving them the opportunity to carry out research alongside RIKEN scientists, enhancing RIKEN’s creative and basic research capabilities, and fostering the talents of students who aspire to become researchers in the future, as well as strengthening ties between RIKEN and universities in Japan.

Program features

Students enrolled in master's and doctoral programs are accepted as part-timers to conduct research under the guidance of RIKEN scientists.

RSR research fields

Mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and medical science and technology fields in which RIKEN is prepared to provide instruction and supervision.


  • (1) A person who falls under any of the following
    • (a) Those who are enrolled or are scheduled to enroll in a master’s course at a Japanese graduate school who wish to advance to a doctoral course
    • (b) Those who are enrolled or are scheduled to enroll in a doctoral course at a Japanese graduate school
  • (2) Applicants who have been trainees, interns, or research part-time workers at RIKEN for at least one month in the laboratory of their choice at the time of application.
    Note: The research supervisor, in principle, must be affiliated with the host laboratory, and a full-time researcher working at RIKEN (excluding postdoctoral researchers and the equivalent).

Contract duration & work conditions

Contract duration: Until the end of the fiscal year of employment.
However, by completing the required evaluation at the end of contract period, the contract may be renewed up to a maximum of 2 years for master's programs requiring 3 years, up to a maximum of 2 times for doctoral programs requiring 3 years, and up to a maximum of 4 years for doctoral programs requiring 4 years

Work conditions (hours): Part-time position limited to 20 hours per week, in principle. Student trainee status will also be granted as an additional post


  • RIKEN Student Researcher M (Master's course): 1,400 yen (Hourly wages)
  • RIKEN Student Researcher D (Doctoral course): 1,700 yen (Hourly wages)
Commuting allowance:
Provided (within the specified range)
Other matters:
According to the regulations.

Application schedule

Selection of applicants will be conducted multiple times a year, and application information will be posted on the RIKEN internal website.
Applicants should first consult with the Principal Investigator (PI) of the host laboratory at RKEN where they wish to work.


Research Personnel Affairs Section
Human Resources Division, RIKEN
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama JAPAN 351-0198
Email: riken_sr [at] ml.riken.jp