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2023 RIKEN R-CCS International HPC Computational Science Internship Program

RIKEN Center for Computational Science(R-CCS) offers an internship program targeting graduate students affiliated with overseas universities or institutions.
The internship program is a project fostering researchers dedicated to HPC (High Performance Computer) technology and computational science with the aim to orient interns to R&D in leading-edge computational science by providing them with an opportunity to work in R-CCS research teams for a better understanding of computational science technology.

Internship period Applicants and hosting research teams may set appropriate periods by mutual agreement for the internship duration, up to 90 days for onsite or 1 year or less for online between June, 2023 and March ,2024.
Location Hosting research team’s laboratory or common use space at RIKEN R-CCS in case of onsite
Qualifications Applicants must belong to a university whose head or the delegated person can issue a formal letter of request on behalf of applicants (Ph.D. program).
When Postdoctoral Fellows in other institutes wish to apply for the program, please contact us individually.
Number to be admitted Approximately 4-5 for onsite or 10 for online depending on the situation
Expenses and allowance Commuting expenses, Lodging expenses, Travel expenses, and Internship allowance will be paid.
Application Application documents as given below must be submitted in advance by Friday, February 10, 2023.
For more details, please refer to the following webpage:
2023 RIKEN R-CCS International HPC Computational Science Internship Program
Inquiries Intern hosting desk, RIKEN Center for Computational Science, (R-CCS)
Email: r-ccs-internship [at] ml.riken.jp