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AIP symposium FY2020

RIKEN Center for Advanced intelligence Project (AIP) conducts various research ranging from fundamentals of machine learning and optimization, applications in medicine, materials, and disaster, to analysis of ethics and social impact of artificial intelligence.
In this symposium, we will present recent progress of our research.

Date March 23, 2021
Time 10:00-12:20
Target Those who are interested in this area, researchers, private sector.
Venue Online
Language Japanese
  • Opening Remarks
    Masashi Sugiyama, Director, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
    Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Group Research Activities
    • - Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
      Naonori Ueda, Group Director
    • -Artificial Intelligence in Society Research Group
      Koiti Hasida, Group Director
    • -Generic Technology Research Group
      Masashi Sugiyama, Group Director
  • Special Talk
    Mitsuo Kawato, Senior Advisor, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
  • Collaboration Center Activities
    • -RIKEN AIP-NEC Collaboration Center
    • -RIKEN AIP-TOSHIBA Collaboration Center
    • -RIKEN AIP-FUJITSU Collaboration Center
  • Closing Remarks
    Michihiko Minoh, Executive Director, RIKEN
Organizer Riken Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
Registration Please register on the following website:
AIP symposium FY2020 (Japanese page).