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RIKEN Symposia: Third International Workshop on the Extension Project for the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility (3rd J-PARC HEF-ex WS)

Date March 14-16, 2023
Time 14th 10:30-18:30, 15th 10:30-18:30, 16th 8:30-18:30
Target Researchers
Location KEK Tokai Building #1, Tokai, Japan
Language English
Host Organization RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research Meson Science Laboratory
Co-Organization J-PARC Hadron Hall Users' Association (HUA), J-PARC Center, KEK Theory Center, RCNP
Program Please refer to the following PDF for details:
J-PARC Program
Contact Email: HDExt-WS [at] ml.j-parc.jp