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Sep. 28, 2012

Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize and Takeda Medical Prize awarded to RIKEN Group Director Yoshiki Sasai

Photo of Yoshiki Sasai Group Director Yoshiki Sasai

It has been announced that Dr. Yoshiki Sasai will be awarded a 2012 Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize for his work on the "Establishment of principles and technology for the three-dimensional self-organization of brain and sensory tissues" and a Takeda Medical Prize for "Mechanistic elucidation and in vitro recapitulation of organ formation". Dr. Sasai is a Group Director at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe. Award ceremonies for the prizes are scheduled to take place in Tokyo in November.

The Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize aims to encourage high standards and raise public awareness of science and technology. The prize was established in 2001 and is awarded annually to people who have made major contributions in one of the following areas: (a) Materials, (b) Semiconductors & Semiconductor Devices, (c) Measurement Science & Technology, and (d) Biological Science & Technology.

The Takeda Medical Prize is awarded to researchers who have made outstanding achievements and major contributions in the medical field.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Dr. Sasai for this honor.

Comment from Dr. Sasai

With regard to the Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize, I am very honored to have been given recognition for having used, as a unique "material," tissues differentiated from stem cells. This has given me encouragement to continue my research with the aim to construct even more complex structures. For the Takeda Medical Prize, it is a great honor to have been given recognition from the world of medicine for my basic research. There are many things we still do not understand about organ formation, and I plan to continue my work to elucidate this mystery.