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Apr. 1, 2013

RIKEN's new website

Image of RIKEN's new website Homepage of the new RIKEN website

Today, RIKEN launches a new website in both English and Japanese with an entirely new design concept, clearer organization and more efficient content management system. With the new website, we aim to better communicate all aspects of RIKEN's research activities to people both in Japan and throughout the world.

Content in the new website is divided into six sections. About RIKEN offers a general introduction to RIKEN including its history, budget and governance. The Research section outlines research environment and infrastructure and contains an introduction to all centers and labs. Press releases, news articles, events, publications and various multimedia content are aggregated in the News & Publications section.

For those interested in working at RIKEN, the Careers section has job postings, details of programs, positions and salaries, and perspectives on what it is like to work at RIKEN. For information on research and educational collaborations and other outreach activities, as well as shared-use resources, technology transfer and venture companies, see the Partnerships & Tech Transfer section. Finally, the For Newcomers pages contain practical tips on various aspects of life in Japan, including housing, education, health and immigration.

Each section is targeted at a different audience: About RIKEN for the general public, Research for researchers, News & Media for journalists and the media, Careers for junior scientists and prospective RIKEN researchers, Outreach for collaborating institutions and industry partners, and Community for the extended community of partners, spouses and families living in Japan. We have also customized the English website for an international readership, where necessary adding sections and content which do not exist in Japanese. We hope this new organization and content focus will make it easier for readers to find the information they need.

Note that due to time constraints, not all data transferred from the old website has been reformatted yet, and some content has yet to be transferred. We are aiming to finish this work in the next couple weeks. If you experience any issues accessing the new website please contact pr[at]riken.jp and we will try to address them as soon as possible.