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Dec. 11, 2017

Fourth RIKEN - Karolinska Institutet – SciLifeLab Joint Symposium held in Kobe

The RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST) hosted the 4th RIKEN - Karolinska Institutet – SciLifeLab Joint Symposium on Health, Disease and Aging on November 16 and 17 in the Convention Hall at the Integrated Research Center of Kobe University, located on Port Island.

The Joint Symposium is an annual event held by RIKEN and two of Sweden’s major research institutes, Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). Since the first symposium in October 2014 in Stockholm, the event has been held alternately in Sweden and Japan with the aim of building broader and closer partnerships between the three institutions. This year was the fourth meeting and there was active participation from CLST and other RIKEN centers; thus, the name of the symposium was changed from “RIKEN CLST” to “RIKEN”. The 2nd symposium, held in November 2015 was in Yokohama.

The topic of this year’s symposium was “Life Science Frontiers in Health, Disease and Aging”. Twenty-four oral presentations and 42 poster presentations were delivered from a broad area of research. The symposium was open to the public, and was attended by approximately 190 people, enabling active discussion and exchanges throughout the two days. Furthermore, Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Nobel laureate of 2016, gave a Keynote Lecture on autophagy, a phenomenon that attracts significant interest in the field of health, disease and aging.

Image of the venue The event Image of Yoshinori Ohsumi Nobel Laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi speaking