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Aug. 17, 2022

President Gonokami issues “RIKEN’s Vision on the 2030 Horizon”

RIKEN’s Vision on the 2030 Horizon

RIKEN, Japan's premier scientific research institute, seeks to be a place where scientists conduct the research that they themselves wish to pursue, research that coincides with the creation of knowledge needed to secure humanity’s future, a place where science and society converge and deepen mutual trust. For over a century, RIKEN researchers have faithfully handed down this tradition and made this “RIKEN Spirit” a reality embodying the vision described below.

1. Mission

To bring science to the Japanese people and to humanity as a whole, to create their tomorrows through honest dialogue with the people whose values they embody as a national research and development agency.

2. Organization and action

To bring together broad areas of global cutting-edge science and technology engaging the world’s most prominent researchers and engineers, without fear of remaking the organizations where they work, identifying the tasks that only RIKEN can tackle, putting into practice the investigations that only RIKEN can undertake.

3. Orientation

To assemble and orchestrate RIKEN’s strengths, achievements, and tradition in order to bring science to new heights and pioneer new realms of research in response to rapidly evolving real problems.

4. Recruiting of research talent: Brains Without Borders

To enable the best research minds – from Japan of course, together with the best investigative minds everywhere – to convene and associate with each other and train the next generation of eminent researchers and engineers, instilling in them the aptitude and skills necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges, making RIKEN an ever better setting for sharing exciting new ideas.

5. Industry-society tie-ups

To forge ties between our society and industry through study of the ever-growing range of modern science and technology, from basic research to applications, to determine which direction it should turn next for the better society still under construction.

6. Governance and management

To become more responsive to the needs and aspirations of society and the world by making organizational responses more reliable and adaptable to programs linking desirable research trends to systematic management support promoting such research.

For the details, please see Management and Governance.