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RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC®) Experimental Animal Division

Director: Atsushi Yoshiki (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Atsushi  Yoshiki(Ph.D.)

We contribute to the promotion of life science through collection, preservation, quality control and distribution of useful model mice developed in Japan for the study of physiological functions and diseases. Since 2002, we have been designated as the core facility of mouse resources in the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, participated as a key member in the International Mouse Strain Resource and Asian Mouse Mutagenesis & Resource Association, and collaborated as an international hub of mouse resources with major repositories around the globe. In addition, we participate in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and partly produce and distribute KO mice of all genes to contribute to biomedical scientific community.

Main Research Fields

  • Biological Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Complex Systems
  • Biology
  • Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy


  • Mouse Resources
  • Quality Control
  • Genome edited mice
  • Animal Models for Human Disease
  • Reproducibility of Experiments

Selected Publications

  • 1.Karp NA et al.
    "Prevalence of sexual dimorphism in mammalian phenotypic traits."
    Nat Commun 8, 15475 (2017).
  • 2.Horie M, Mekada K, Sano H, Kikkawa Y, Chiken S, Someya T, Saito K, Hossain MI, Nameta M, Abe K, Sakimura K, Ono K, Nambu A, Yoshiki A, Takebayashi H.
    "Characterization of novel dystonia musculorum mutant mice: Implications for central nervous system abnormality."
    Neurobiol Dis 96:271-283 (2016).
  • 3.Dickinson ME et al.
    "High-throughput discovery of novel developmental phenotypes."
    Nature 537, 508-514 (2016).
  • 4.Al-Soudy AS, Nakanishi T, Mizuno S, Hasegawa Y, Shawki HH, Katoh MC, Basha WA, Ibrahim AE, El-Shemy HA, Iseki H, Yoshiki A, Hiromori Y, Nagase H, Takahashi S, Oishi H, Sugiyama F.
    "Germline recombination in a novel Cre transgenic line, Prl3b1-Cre mouse."
    Genesis 54, 389-97 (2016).
  • 5.Hasegawa Y, Hoshino Y, Ibrahim AE, Kato K, Daitoku Y, Tanimoto Y, Ikeda Y, Oishi H, Takahashi S, Yoshiki A, Yagami K, Iseki H, Mizuno S, Sugiyama F.
    "Generation of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated bicistronic knock-in ins1-cre driver mice."
    Exp Anim 65, 319-27 (2016).
  • 6.Takada T, Yoshiki A, Obata Y, Yamazaki Y, Shiroishi T.
    "NIG_MoG: a mouse genome navigator for exploring intersubspecific genetic polymorphisms."
    Mamm Genome 26, 331-337 (2015).
  • 7.Sugimoto M, Kondo M, Koga Y, Shiura H, Ikeda R, Hirose M, Ogura A, Murakami A, Yoshiki A, Chuva de Sousa Lopes SM, Abe K.
    "A simple and robust method for establishing homogeneous mouse epiblast stem cell lines by wnt inhibition."
    Stem Cell Reports 4, 744-57 (2015).
  • 8.Mekada K, Hirose M, Murakami A, Yoshiki A.
    "Development of SNP markers for C57BL/6N-derived mouse inbred strains."
    Exp Anim 64, 91-100 (2014).
  • 9.Hasegawa Y, Daitoku Y, Mizuno S, Tanimoto Y, Mizuno-Iijima S, Matsuo M, Kajiwara N, Ema M, Oishi H, Miwa Y, Mekada K, Yoshiki A, Takahashi S, Sugiyama F, Yagami K.
    "Generation and characterization of Ins1-cre-driver C57BL/6N for exclusive pancreatic beta cell-specific Cre-loxP recombination."
    Exp Anim 63, 183-91 (2014).
  • 10.Kitamura, T., Pignatelli, M., Suh, J., Kohara, K., Yoshiki, A., Abe, K. and Tonegawa, S.:
    "Island cells control temporal association memory."
    Science 343, 896-901 (2014).



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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Atsushi Yoshiki

Core members

Fumio Ike
Senior Research Scientist
Toshiaki Nakashiba
Senior Research Scientist
Noriko Hiraiwa
Senior Technical Scientist
Hatsumi Nakata
Senior Technical Scientist
Shinya Ayabe
Research Scientist
Saori Mizuno
Postdoctoral Researcher
Masayo Kadota
Technical Staff II
Megumi Tanaka
Technical Staff II
Mizuho Iwama
Technical Staff II
Maiko Ijuin
Technical Staff II
Tomomi Hashimoto
Technical Staff II
Kyuichi Taguma
Technical Staff II

Contact Information

3-1-1 Koyadai
Tsukuba, Ibaraki
305-0074 Japan
Email: atsushi.yoshiki [at] riken.jp