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RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science Emergent Photodynamics Research Team

Team Leader: Naoki Ogawa (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Naoki  Ogawa(Ph.D.)

Our team explores novel photodynamics of electron/magnon/phonon in bulk crystals and at thin-film interfaces emerging via electron-correlation, strong spin-orbit interaction, and topology. Examples are ultrafast spectroscopy of shift current, generation of spin current mediated by photoexcited Dirac/Weyl electrons, and manipulation of topological magnetic orders. With a strong command of photons, we try to realize new photo-electric/magnetic effects in solids, and visualize spatiotemporal propagation of various elementally excitations at the sub-diffraction limit.

Main Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering


  • Optical spectroscopy

Selected Publications

  • 1. Toyoda, S., Fiebig, M., Arima, T., Tokura, Y., and Ogawa, N.:
    "Nonreciprocal second harmonic generation in a magnetoelectric material"
    Sci. Adv. 7, eabe2793 (2021).
  • 2. Mogi, M., Yasuda, K., Fujimura, R., Yoshimi, R., Ogawa, N., Tsukazaki, A., Kawamura, M., Takahashi, K. S., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Current-induced switching of proximity-induced ferromagnetic surface states in a topological insulator"
    Nature Commun. 12, 1404 (2021).
  • 3. Sotome, M., Ogaki, T., Takimiya, K., and Ogawa, N.:
    "Highly-efficient terahertz emission from hydrogen-bonded single molecular crystal"
    Opt. Express 29, 10048 (2021).
  • 4. Ogawa, N., Köhler, L., Garst, M., Toyoda, S., Seki, S., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Nonreciprocity of spin-waves in the conical helix state"
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 118, e2022927118 (2021).
  • 5. Hatada, H., Nakamura, M., Sotome, M., Kaneko, Y., Ogawa, N., Morimoto, T., Tokura, Y., and Kawasaki, M.:
    "Defect tolerant zero-bias topological photocurrent in a ferroelectric semiconductor"
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 117, 20411 (2020).
  • 6. Yokouchi, T., Sugimoto, S., Rana, B., Seki, S., Ogawa, N., Kasai, S., and Otani, Y.:
    "Creation of magnetic skyrmions by surface acoustic waves"
    Nature Nanotech. 15, 361 (2020).
  • 7. Sotome, M., Nakamura, M., Fujioka, J., Ogino, M., Kaneko, Y., Morimoto, T., Zhang, Y., Kawasaki, M., Nagaosa, N., Tokura, Y., and Ogawa, N.:
    "Spectral dynamics of shift-current in ferroelectric semiconductor SbSI"
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 116, 1929 (2019).
  • 8. Ogawa, N., Yoshimi, R., Yasuda, K., Tsukazaki, A., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Zero-bias photocurrent in ferromagnetic topological insulator"
    Nature Commun. 7, 12246 (2016).
  • 9. Okada, K. N., Takahashi, Y., Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Takahashi, K. S., Ogawa, N., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Terahertz spectroscopy on Faraday and Kerr rotations in a quantum anomalous Hall state"
    Nature Commun. 7, 12245 (2016).
  • 10. Ogawa, N., Koshibae, W., Beekman, A. J., Nagaosa, N., Kubota, M., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Photo-drive of magnetic bubbles via magnetoelastic waves"
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 112, 8977 (2015).

Recent Research Results

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Naoki Ogawa
Team Leader

Core members

Ziqian Wang
Postdoctoral Researcher
Shingo Toyoda
Special Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information

Frontier Research Laboratory,
2-1 Hirosawa,
Wako, Saitama
351-0198, Japan
Email: naoki.ogawa [at] riken.jp