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RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science Quantum Matter Theory Research Group

Group Director: Akira Furusaki (D.Sc.)

Research Summary

Akira  Furusaki

Quantum Matter Theory Research Group theoretically studies emergent quantum phenomena of strongly correlated electrons in transition metal oxides, molecular conductors, frustrated quantum magnets, and topological insulators and superconductors, etc. We construct effective models for interacting electrons in materials of interest and study their physical properties such as magnetism and transport using both analytical and numerical methods.

Main Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering


  • Theoretical condensed matter physics
  • Quantum transport phenomena
  • Magnetism
  • Superconductivity

Selected Publications

  • 1. Kobayashi, S., Sumita, S., Hirayama, M., Furusaki, A.:
    "Crystal symmetry protected gapless vortex line phases in superconducting Dirac semimetals"
    Phys. Rev. B 107, 214518 (2023).
  • 2. Yoshimi, K., Misawa, T., Tsumuraya, T., Seo, H.:
    "Comprehensive ab initio investigation of the phase diagram of quasi-one-dimensional molecular solids"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 036401 (2023).
  • 3. Naka, M., Motome, Y., Seo, H.:
    "Anomalous Hall effect in antiferromagnetic perovskites"
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 195149 (2022).
  • 4. Yao, Y., Oshikawa, M., Furusaki, A.:
    "Gappability index for quantum many-body systems"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 017204 (2022).
  • 5. Kimura, S., Imajo, S., Gen, M., Momoi, T., Hagiwara, M., Ueda, H., Kohama, Y.:
    "Quantum phase of the chromium spinel oxide HgCr2O4 in high magnetic fields"
    Phys. Rev. B 105, L180405 (2022).
  • 6. Kobayashi, S., Furusaki, A.:
    "Fragile topological insulators protected by rotation symmetry without spin-orbit coupling"
    Phys. Rev. B 104, 195114 (2021).
  • 7. Seo, H., Naka, M.:
    "Antiferromagnetic state in kappa-type molecular conductors: spin splitting and Mott gap"
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 90, 064713 (2021).
  • 8. Kobayashi, S., Furusaki, A.:
    "Double Majorana vortex zero modes in superconducting topological crystalline insulators with surface rotation anomaly"
    Phys. Rev. B 102, 180505 (2020).
  • 9. Ueda, H., Onoda, S.:
    "Roles of easy-plane and easy-axis XXZ anisotropy and bond alternation on a frustrated ferromagnetic spin-1/2 chain"
    Phys. Rev. B 101, 224439 (2020).
  • 10. Furukawa S., Momoi, T.:
    "Effects of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions in volborthite: Magnetic orders and thermal Hall effect"
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 89, 034711 (2020).

Recent Research Results

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Akira Furusaki
Group Director

Core members

Tsutomu Momoi
Senior Research Scientist
Shigeki Onoda
Senior Research Scientist
Hitoshi Seo
Senior Research Scientist
Shingo Kobayashi
Research Scientist
Shuhei Ohyama
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Yutaro Tanaka
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Keisuke Kitayama
Postdoctoral Researcher
Moritz Mandes Hirschmann
Visiting Researcher
Lingzhi Zhang
Junior Research Associate

Contact Information

Main Research Building 3F, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
Email: furusaki [at] riken.jp