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RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science Strong Correlation Materials Research Group

Group Director: Yasujiro Taguchi (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Yasujiro Taguchi(D.Eng.)

We aim to study strongly correlated electron systems, such as transition-metal alloys, oxides and chalcogenides that show gigantic cross-correlation response. Specifically, we try to explore new materials, including skyrmion-hosting materials, multiferroic, thermoelectric, and superconducting materials, by using various materials synthesis techniques such as high pressure synthesis technique. Also, we focus on the correlation between the spin state and charge dynamics.

Main Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering
  • Engineering


  • magnetism
  • multiferroics
  • skyrmion
  • thermoelectrics
  • superconductors

Selected Publications

  • 1. D. Nakamura, K. Karube, K. Matsuuara, F. Kagawa, X.Z. Yu, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Transport signatures of magnetic texture evolution in a microfabricated thin plate of antiskyrmion-hosting (Fe,Ni,Pd)3P",
    Phys. Rev. B, Vol. 108, 1 September 2023, 104403-1—104403-9, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.108.104403
  • 2. K. Karube, L. C. Peng, J. Masell, M. Hemmida, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, I. Kézsmárki, X. Z. Yu, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Doping control of magnetic anisotropy for stable antiskyrmion formation in schreibersite (Fe,Ni)3P with S4 symmetry",
    Adv. Mat. Vol. 34, February 2022, 2108770-1 – 2108770-11, DOI: 10.1002/adma.202108770.
  • 3. K. Karube, L. C. Peng, J. Masell, X. Z. Yu, F. Kagawa, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Room-temperature antiskyrmions and sawtooth surface textures in a non-centrosymmetric magnet with S4 symmetry",
    Nature Materials 20, 335 (2021).
  • 4. M. Kriener, M. Sakano, M. Kamitani, M. S. Bahramy, R. Yukawa, K. Horiba, H. Kumigashira, K. Ishizaka, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Evolution of Electronic States and Emergence of Superconductivity in the Polar Semiconductor GeTe by Doping Valence-Skipping Indium",
    Physical Review Letters 124, 047002 (2020).
  • 5. A. Doi, S. Shimano, D. Inoue, T. Kikitsu, T. Hirai, D. Hashizume, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Band engineering carrier density control and enhanced thermoelectric performance in multi-doped SnTe",
    APL Materials 7, 091107 (2019).
  • 6. V. Kocsis, T. Nakajima, M. Matsuda, A. Kikkawa, Y. Kaneko, J. Takashima, K. Kakurai, T. Arima, F. Kagawa, Y. Tokunaga, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Magnetization-polarization cross-control near room temperature in hexaferrite single Crystals",
    Nature Communications 10, 1247 (2019).
  • 7. K. Karube, J. S. White, D. Morikawa, C. D. Dewhurst, R. Cubitt, A. Kikkawa, X. Z. Yu, Y. Tokunaga, T.-h. Arima, H. M. Rønnow, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Disordered skyrmion phase stabilized by magnetic frustration in a chiral magnet",
    Science Advances 4, aar7043 (2018).
  • 8. S. Shimano, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Carrier density control and enhanced thermoelectric performance of Bi and Cu co-doped GeTe",
    APL Materials 5, 056103 (2017).
  • 9. K. Karube, J. S. White, N. Reynolds, J. L. Gavilano, H. Oike, A. Kikkawa, F. Kagawa, Y. Tokunaga, H. M. Rønnow, Y. Tokura, and Y. Taguchi,
    "Robust metastable skyrmions and their triangular-square lattice-structural transition in a high-temperature chiral magnet",
    Nature Materials 15, 1237 (2016).
  • 10. Y. Tokunaga, X. Z. Yu, J. S. White, H. M. Rønnow, D. Morikawa, Y. Taguchi, and Y. Tokura,
    "A new class of chiral materials hosting magnetic skyrmions beyond room temperature",
    Nature Communications 6, 7638 (2015).

Recent Research Results

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yasujiro Taguchi
Group Director

Core members

Markus Wilhelm Bernhard Kriener
Senior Scientist
Daisuke Nakamura
Senior Scientist
Akiko Kikkawa
Senior Technical Scientist
Zhehong Liu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Gurvan Bosser
Technical Staff I

Contact Information

Frontier Research Laboratory, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
Email: y-taguchi [at] riken.jp