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RIKEN Alumni Email Service

RIKEN offers an email forwarding service to all RIKEN alumni by providing them with alumni email addresses that are only used for forwarding.

Diagram showing the system of RIKEN Alumni E-mail

Mail sent to your alum.riken.jp address will be forwarded to your registered forwarding email address.

This forwarding service is to keep RIKEN-related personnel connected to RIKEN and provide them with the latest RIKEN news and information.

RIKEN considers it important to maintain strong ties with RIKEN alumni as science and technology are developing at a rapid pace.

We hope that many of you will register for this service.

Registration procedure

Please send an email that includes the information shown below to the RIKEN email service secretariat at ob_address[at]riken.jp.

  • Name
  • RIKEN ID (if you remember)
  • Your affiliation while at RIKEN
  • Period of time at RIKEN (rough description is acceptable)
  • Forwarding email addresses (up to three email addresses)

Based on the information included in the email, your service period in RIKEN will be confirmed. After confirmation, you will receive an email notifying you that the forwarding service is available.
An alumni email address will be created based on your name and in the following format.
First name.family name.two alphabet letters (to prevent duplication)@alum.riken.jp.
Example: Taro Riken → taro.riken.aa@alum.riken.jp


For Q&A, visit website

Inquiries: ob_address[at]riken.jp

RIKEN email service secretariat

RIKEN employment duration for fixed-term employees

The total duration of employment for fixed-term employees has been a maximum of five years starting from April 1, 2013 (10 years for employees with jobs associated with research). However, individuals working as Assistant, Part-time Worker, Temporary Employee and Clerical Staff (Task-specific employee) and meeting either of the two conditions — 1 or 2 given below — may extend their duration of employment beyond the initial five years as long as the work duties for which they are responsible continue.

  • 1.Individuals meeting the following conditions:
    • Individuals who entered into employment contracts with RIKEN on March 31, 2016 or earlier.
    • Individuals with non-employment periods of less than two successive years (Non-employment periods which ended on March 31, 2016 or earlier are not included.)

    Note: For Part-time Employees, “March 31, 2016 or earlier” is replaced with “July 31, 2016 or earlier”.

  • 2.Individuals who were working as Clerical Staff (Task-specific employee) at RIKEN on March 31, 2013, left RIKEN for more than two successive years, and returned or will return to work at RIKEN before April 1, 2021, regardless of conditions given in 1 above.

Added May 2020
If the individuals who meet the conditions described in 1 are engaged in work associated with research (Research Administrator, Research Administrative Support Staff, Partnership-Promotion Coordinator, Technical Staff I, and Technical Staff II), they may conclude a fixed-term employment contract that goes beyond the total duration of ten years as long as the work duties for which they are responsible continue.

Note: The above requirements may not be applicable depending on the employment term at RIKEN. Please see the "Supplementary regulations for calculating maximum duration of fixed-term employment (March 8, 2018 Supplementary Regulations No. 20)"

October 31, 2018 Human Resources Division RIKEN
The note was added in July 2019
Information added May 2020

Friends of RIKEN

We are keen to keep in touch with former researchers to follow their careers and send them news and information about RIKEN. In order to do this efficiently, we have set up "Friends of RIKEN". Contact details are available via the RIKEN internal website.