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At RIKEN, we strive to ensure that both male and female personnel can achieve an ideal work-life balance so that they can make the most of their talents. Here is an introduction to the systems we have in place. However, please be aware that some support systems are available selectively depending on employment type, for example.

Individual consultations

Individual support coordinators

Individual support coordinators can provide individual consultations in response to various circumstances. Consultations are available on an as needed basis, and they will propose appropriate support to ensure that the employee can continue to work smoothly. Depending on circumstances, they raise issues with related departments and the Gender Equality Promotion Committee to get outcomes reflected into overall measures.

Systems related to work style

Reduced working hours

During pregnancy, employees commuting by train or bus can work up to one less hour either at the beginning or the end of their prescribed working time.

Commuting relief, etc.

During pregnancy and up to the child’s first birthday, female employees who have been examined by a doctor or midwife under the Maternal and Child Health Act and received guidance can make use of special measures such as mitigation of commuting, extra breaks, restrictions on duties, shortened working hours, or a leave of absence.

Special leave for fathers during pregnancy and after birth

Male personnel can take up to five days of special paid leave during the last six weeks of their spouse’s pregnancy or eight weeks after childbirth, to provide support for their spouse or help with childcare.

Special leave for fathers for childbirth

Male personnel can take a special leave of up to three consecutive days when their spouse gives birth.

Maternity and childbirth leave

Pregnant personnel can take a leave for the period from six weeks before the due date to eight weeks after childbirth. For multiple births, the period is from 14 weeks before the due date to eight weeks after childbirth.

Childcare leave

Parents can take unpaid leave until the child reaches the age of three (Applicants can receive childcare leave benefits from employment insurance).

Partial leave for childcare (unpaid leave)

Parents can take reduced working hours, in 30-minute increments up to two hours per day, until the child reaches the age of three.

Sick care leave

Parents of children who have not yet entered elementary school can take up to five days of paid leave per year to take care of the child in periods of illness. Parents with more than one child in the age group can take up to ten days.

Exemption from attendance during child rearing

Employees can apply to work from home until a child reaches the age of six months.

Flextime during child rearing and nursing care

Employees rearing children up to the fourth grade of elementary school or caring for a family who is in need of long-term care may shift starting and ending time of work up to one hour in either direction, in increments of 30 minutes.

Nursing care leave

As a general rule, employees can take up to 180 days of unpaid leave to care for ailing family members. They can also ask for exemptions on overtime work and late night work.

Nursing care leave

Employees who have family members who require nursing care may take up to five special paid holidays per fiscal year, and up to ten days if they have more than one family member requiring care.


Employees fulfilling certain conditions, including taking care of a child up to fourth grade of elementary school, may work at home up to one day a week.

Substitute personnel

RIKEN can provide funds to hire a temporary replacement for research staff during pregnancy, childcare and nursing care. The funds can be used during the pregnancy and until the child is about two years old, or during nursing care for an ailing family member. RIKEN will cover the cost of employing the substitute personnel.

Childcare facilities

In-house childcare centers

  • RIKEN Kids Wako (Wako Institute)
    (57 days after birth to pre-school children: 8: 30-20: 00)
  • RIKEN Kids Yokohama (Yokohama Institute)
    (57 days after birth to pre-school children: 8: 30-20: 00)
  • Po-eye Kids Kobe (Kobe Institute)
    (57 days from birth to pre-school children: 8: 15-20: 00)

After-school care for elementary school students (Wako Institute)

First to fourth grade: 18: 00-20: 00, capacity: 5 people)* Please contact the Institute.

Information and consultation for personnel during maternity and childbirth leave and childcare leave

Child-Rearing / Nursing Care Support Handbook

We publish a handbook that gives information on municipal subsidies, services, nursery care, and pediatric emergency information, as well as useful information such as RIKEN's support systems for pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, nursing care, etc.

Gender Equality Promotion Committee

RIKEN has a committee that meets regularly to discuss and adopt proposals for new systems to ensure gender equality.

Contact Information

Gender Equality Officer, Human Resources Division
2-1 Hirosawa Wako-shi, Saitama Prefecture 351-0198
Tel: 048-467-8179
Fax: 048-462-4717