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Promotion of active participation of world-class female research leaders: Sechi Kato Program

Sechi Kato Program

To facilitate active participation of female researchers and to promote recruitment of talented female researchers, RIKEN launched the Sechi Kato Program in FY 2018. It aims to develop female researchers who have a broad perspective and inquisitive mind, and who are expected to shine in the international arena as world-class female research leaders.

RIKEN Early Career Leaders Program (open calls limited to female PIs)

Please refer to “Sechi Kato Program for RIKEN Early Career Leaders” for details.

RIKEN Hakubi Fellows Program (open calls limited to female PIs)

Please refer to “Sechi Kato Program for RIKEN Hakubi Fellows” for details.

Image of Takeishi Asuka Takeishi, Ph.D.
Image of Kawakami Erika Kawakami, Ph.D.

Female PI Incentive Fund Program

The program offers additional subsidies for research budgets to newly appointed or promoted female PIs (researchers in managerial positions). We adopt outstanding initiatives taken by each research center, based on recruitment plans to newly appoint/promote female researchers, and proposals to improve the workplace environment to enable female researchers to actively participate in research activities.

Image of Hayashi Akiko Hayashi-Takagi, M.D., Ph.D.
Image of Beauchemin Catherine Beauchemin, Ph.D.
Image of Arai Hiromi Arai, Ph.D.
Image of Wang Dan Ohtan Wang, Ph.D.
Image of Ishida Aya Ito-Ishida, M.D., Ph.D.
Image of Iwasaki Yuka Iwasaki, Ph.D.

Sechi Kato (1893-1989) is a pioneering female scientist who developed spectrometric analysis of organic materials in Japan, and the first female Chief Scientist of RIKEN. Visit "Who is Sechi Kato?" for details (only in Japanese).