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Seeking a few Research Scientists or Postdoctoral Researchers (PB2202)


Laboratory for Physical Biology
RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
(Team Leader: Tatsuo Shibata)

Research Field

The Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) views the functions of molecules, cells, and organs that support all life stages of organisms as a dynamic system, and aims to elucidate developmental, growth and aging phenomena as well as apply their findings to develop regenerative medicine and diagnostics, thereby contributing to the extension of healthy life expectancies.

The Laboratory for Physical Biology is recruiting research employees to carry out a new theme. In the laboratory, we are studying mechanisms giving rise to the emergence of order in multicellular organisms from the viewpoints of physical and mathematical sciences. In particular, we have been working on chemotaxis, cell polarity, cell motility, collective motion in tissues, axis formation in embryos, chirality of cells and tissues. For these problems, we develop mathematical model, perform analysis of experimental data, and compare them to extract essential aspects. We are actively conducting collaborations with experimental groups. We are seeking highly motivated and qualified researcher who want to challenge questions in biology using integrated approaches with mathematical theory and quantitative analysis of experimental data. Our recent publications can be found from our web page (Laboratory for Physical Biology website).

Job title and Job description

Positions available

Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher

Number of positions

A few positions

Job description

We are recruiting researchers to join “Theoretical study of self-organization induced by mechanochemical feedback” project (PI: Tatsuo Shibata (RIKEN BDR), until the end of March 2027) that is a part of a group grant JSPS Transformative Research Area (A) “Mechanical self-transformation of living systems” (PI Fumio Motegi (Hokkaido University)). The successful candidate will conduct theoretical studies on self-organization in living systems driven by mechanochemical feedback. The successful candidate is also conduct collaborative studies with experimental groups in the project and develop a theoretical understanding of emergence of biological order induced by mechanical forces.


Common to all positions
Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree at the time of start with relevant expertise in statistical physics, biophysics, mathematical biology, or theory in a related area. We are looking for applicants with good communication skills to share their research with people inside and outside the laboratory.
Research Scientist
A PhD holder in the area related to the Job description.
Postdoctoral Researcher
A PhD holder who earned a doctorate within the past 5 years in the area related to the Job description.

Work location

RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (Kobe Campus-East-West)
2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0047 (Developmental Biology Buildings)

RIKEN has implemented a work-from-home system. Employees can work from home in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

Salary and benefits

  • 1.One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable based on evaluation, up to the end of March 2027.
  • 2.However, the contract renewable period may be changed on the basis of the employee’s abilities, work load, performance, work attitude, continuation of the center, laboratory or project in which the employee is involved, and on the basis of RIKEN’s finance situation and budget condition at the time. In principle, no contract renewal will be made for people 66 years old or older.

In principle, the first two months of employment is considered a trial period.
Salary will be an annual salary based on experience, ability, and performance, and will consist of a base salary and a variable salary. The variable salary will be determined each fiscal year based on experience, ability, and performance. As of April 1, 2022, the monthly base salary is 345,600 JPY for Research Scientist, and 290,200 JPY for Postdoctoral Researcher. The monthly base salary and variable salary are subject to change due to amendments to RIKEN regulations. Discretionary work, commuting and housing allowances will be provided. Social insurance will be applied.

The approximate amount of annual salary at the time of employment:
The monthly salary including base salary, variable salary, and discretionary work allowance at the time of employment for a candidate with 5 years of experience, ability, and achievement after completing their doctoral course will be approximately 424,000 JPY for Research Scientist.
The monthly salary including discretionary work allowance at the time of employment will be more than 350,000 JPY for Postdoctoral Researcher.

Mandatory membership in the RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society (RIKEN Kyosaikai).
This position falls under the specialized duties discretionary work system; one working day will be calculated as 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Days off include public holidays, New Year's holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan 3), and RIKEN Foundation Day.
Paid leave includes annual paid leave (up to 20 days depending on the month of employment), special paid leave (childcare, family nursing care, etc.), and work life balance holidays (up to 7 days depending on the month of employment).
There are also additional leave systems such as maternity leave, childcare leave, and family nursing care leave.
No smoking on site.
These and other provisions are in accordance with RIKEN regulations.

RIKEN is actively undertaking initiatives to promote gender equality and diversity, and moving forward with the establishment of a diverse and vibrant research environment. If multiple candidates are found to have the same aptitude following a fair assessment, active efforts will be made to recruit female candidates.

  • *The Kobe Branch has an on-site daycare, PO-I Kids Kobe. For details, please send an email to the HR at kobe-kosei [at] riken.jp.
  • *Also, eligible for an exemption from repayment for category 1 scholarship loans provided by the Japan Student Services Organization before the fiscal year 2003, and eligible for applying for the MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi).

Application and required documents

Required documents

  • 1.Curriculum vitae or Curriculum vitae
    • *Email address is required.
    • *Application Number[PB2202] and position to apply (e.g.: Research Scientist) should be clearly written at top-right in the margin.
    • *Format is free. Or the format attached is available.
  • 2.List of publications (Please categorize: Original article, Review article, Book, Conference presentation, Others)
  • 3.Summary of past research and the result (about 2 pages of A4 paper)
  • 4.Plans for the future research once appointed (about 1 page of A4 paper)
  • 5.One reference letter from immediate manager or current supervisor
    • *If it is difficult to obtain reference letter from immediate manager or current supervisor, please obtain a letter from a third party.
    • *A reference letter should be addressed to [Center Director, Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research]
  • 6.Certificate of degree awarded, Certificate of graduation from the last school, diploma(copy) or graduation certificate from the last school (copy)
  • 7.Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR
    If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you are required to submit the document,"Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR" with your signature.

    *You will find detailed information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the following website:
    Data protection | European Commission

How to apply

The above documents except the recommendation letters combined into a single ZIP file should be uploaded to the following website:

(PB2202) Application for Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher of Laboratory of Physical Biology

  • The file name of the ZIP should contain your contact email address.
  • After you uploaded the ZIP file, please let us (kobe-jobs [at] riken.jp) know the file name of the uploaded file.

Recommendation letters must be directly submitted from the referees to the following website with the file name "Laboratory for Physical Biology [applicant’s name] (Recommendation letter)". Please specify the applicant's name, referee's name and contact information in the recommendation letter.

(PB2202) Application for Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher of Laboratory of Physical Biology

  • After the referees uploaded the recommendation letter, please let us (kobe-jobs [at] riken.jp) know the file name of the uploaded file.
  • If a confirmation email is not received within 7 days after submission, please contact: kobe-jobs [at] riken.jp.

*Please understand that we will not return application documents.


We will examine application documents as they are accepted. Application will be closed as soon as the position is filled.

Handling personal data

Submitted documents are strictly protected under the RIKEN Privacy Policy and will be used only for the purpose of applicant screening. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to a third party under any circumstances without just cause.

Selection process

Selection will be made based on application screening and interview. After documents screening, only successful applicants will be invited for interview.

*We do not answer to questions regarding contents of the examination.

Start of Employment

As soon as possible (Negotiable)

Contact information

For inquiries on this open position, please contact below by email:
Human Resources Section, Kobe Administrative Division, Kobe Branch, RIKEN
kobe-jobs [at] riken.jp

*If you have any research-related questions, please contact tatsuo.shibata[at]riken.jp (Laboratory for Physical Biology, Dr. Tatsuo Shibata)


  • Updated as of Nov. 3, 2022: "Salary and benefits"
  • Updated as of Nov. 4, 2022: "Job description" and "Salary and benefits"
  • Updated as of May. 22, 2023: "Work location" and "Salary and benefits"