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RIKEN Symposia: RIKEN Hackathon Open Symposium

Research data management policies and utilization strategies vary greatly depending on research fields. In order to accelerate research by accumulating, analyzing and distributing research data, it is necessary to build and operate an information infrastructure including the development of metadata by considering these differences in research fields. RIKEN symposium will be held to discuss what integrated strategies, infrastructure and technologies are needed to maximize the use of various research data by various patriating researchers who are involved in data production, accumulation and analysis at the forefront of research sites.

Date February 17, 2020
Time 12:00-17:00
Target Researchers
Location Auditorium, Developmental Biology Building C-1F
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Language Japanese / English
Host Organization Data Knowledge Organization Unit
Co-sponsored RIKEN Open Life Science Platform, RIKEN Engineering Network "Development of Imaging Network"
Program RIKEN Hackathon Open Symposium Program
Registration Please refer to the following website for details:
RIKEN Hackathon FY 2019