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Mar. 22, 2011

Disaster donation from Professor Heiwan Lee of Hanyang University

On March 22, 2011, RIKEN's Wako Institute was visited by Professor Heiwan Lee of Hangyang University (HYU) in Seoul, Korea. Hangyang University is one of RIKEN's overseas partners. In a meeting with Kohei Tamao, Director of RIKEN's Advanced Science Institute, Professor Lee presented a donation of five million Korean won for the victims of the Tohoku-Kanto earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Hanyang University is the home of the RIKEN-HYU Collaboration Research Center and its Flucto-Order Functions Research Team. The Center and the research team laboratory were opened on the fifth floor of Hanyang University's Fusion Technology Center on July 1, 2010. Both the Center and research team are headed by Masahiko Hara of RIKEN. The Center is RIKEN's first research facility in Korea and is collaborating with Korean scientists on nano-technology research.

Professor Lee reacted quickly to the disaster in Japan, collecting donations from everyone at the Fusion Technology Center and promptly delivering the donated money to Japan in person. The donation will be given to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support their work with the disaster victims.

Image of Drs. Sato, Tamao, Lee and Hara
Left to right: Takeshi Sato, RIKEN Collaborations Division Director, Kohei Tamao, RIKEN ASI Director, Professor Heiwan Lee, Masahiko Hara, RIKEN-HYU Collaboration Research Center Director