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Jul. 4, 2011

Masashi Kawasaki receives Honda Frontier Award

Dr. Masashi Kawasaki

On July 1, Dr. Masashi Kawasaki, Team Leader at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, was awarded the Honda Frontier Award for his research on the "invention of novel photonic and electronic functionalities of oxides engineered in an atomic scale".

This prize is awarded to the person making the breakthrough discovery or invention in academic or technogical areas through the research either in inorganic materials such as metals, organic materials, and composites materials.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Dr. Kawasaki on this honor.

Comment from Dr. Kawasaki

This prize is named after Dr. Kotaro Honda, who is one of the members of RIKEN three-Taro's and founder of IMR (Kin-ken) Tohoku University where I used to belong until last year. It is great honor and pleasure for me. At the same time, this gave me a motivation that I should show Dr. Honda my future achievements in future.

Brief resume

1989 D.Eng., University of Tokyo
1989 Postdoctral Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1989 Postdoctral Fellow, T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM, USA
1991 Research Associate, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1997 Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2001 Professor, Tohoku University
2007 Team Leader, Functional Superstructure Team, RIKEN (-current)
2011 Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo (-current)