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Mar. 16, 2012

FY 2011 Significant Achievement Award

For FY 2011, RIKEN recognized the following scientists with the Significant Achievement Award:

(1) Minoru Yoshida, Group Director, Chemical Genomics Research Group
Achievement: Establishment of Chemical Genetics and its Applications

(2) Yasuyuki Akiba, Vice Chief Scientist, Radiation Laboratory, RNC
Achievement: Discoveries at RHIC, in particular studies of the high temperature and high density state based on measurements of Lepton-Pairs

Image of RNC Director En'yo, Dr. Akiba, Dr. Yoshida, ASI Director Tamao

From left: RNC Director En'yo, Dr. Akiba, Dr. Yoshida, ASI Director Tamao

(3) Yasunori Yamazaki, Distinguished Senior Scientist, Atomic Physics Laboratory, ASI
Achievement: Synthesis and manipulation of antihydrogen, and contribution to antimatter science

Image of ASI Director Tamao and Dr. Yamazaki

From left: ASI Director Tamao, Dr. Yamazaki

The awards were decided as follows: recommendations based on achievements were carefully evaluated by the Award Assessment Committee (chair: Hiroyuki Osada), decided by the ASI, RNC, RSC Tenured Research Personnel Liaison Committee (chair: Kohei Tamao), and presented to the Indefinite Term Research Personnel Council (chair: Maki Kawai) for approval.