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Dec. 5, 2012

RIKEN and National Chiao Tung University celebrate opening of Joint Research Laboratory

On December 3, 2012, a commemorative event marking the opening of the RIKEN-NCTU Joint Research Laboratory was held at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan. Chief Scientist Dr. Kono of the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute (RIKEN ASI) and Professor Juhn-Jong Lin of the NCTU College of Science will collaborate in the field of low temperature physics through the joint research laboratory.

The celebration was attended by delegates from RIKEN, namely Dr. Kohei Tamao, RIKEN ASI Director; Dr. Masahiko Hara, Corporate and International Relations Division Director; Dr. Kimitoshi Kono, Chief Scientist; and many members of the NCTU including President Yan-Hwa Wu Lee; Vice-President Chain-Shu Hsu, Dean of College of Science Henry Horng-Shing Lu; Professor Yuan-Pern Lee (research partner of Chief Scientist Toshinori Suzuki and Tahei Tahara), Visiting Professor Hiroki Nakamura; former RIKEN Asian Program Associates (current RIKEN International Program Associates); students and staff members. Congratulations were also offered from Professor Ching-Ray Chang, Dean of College of Science of National Taiwan University; and Professor Fu-Jen Kao, Vice-President of the Physical Society of Republic of China (Taiwan).

Since the signing of an agreement for the joint graduate school program in 2001, development of young scientists has been a point of focus. So far RIKEN has accepted three graduate students, two of whom have already earned a doctorate and one is expected to in 2013.

RIKEN ASI and NCTU College of Science signed a memorandum of understanding regarding collaborative research in low temperature physics and spectroscopy in February 2011. An addendum was then concluded in September this year for the establishment of a joint research laboratory further enhancing collaborations.
Furthermore, Dr. David Rees from the Low Temperature Physics Laboratory in RIKEN ASI transferred to the university this summer to promote cooperative research with Professor Juhn-Jong Lin. A continuous exchange of researchers and students from different cultural backgrounds is expected to maintain high standards of collaborative research activity.

Photo: RIKEN-NCTU Joint Research Laboratory

RIKEN-NCTU Joint Research Laboratory