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Jul. 4, 2013

RIKEN scientists clone mouse from drop of blood

Cloned mouse

Scientists led by Atsuo Ogura at the RIKEN BioResource Center in Tsukuba, Japan, have succeeded in cloning mice from white blood cells taken from a drop of blood. They drew blood from the tail of a donor mouse and used circulating white blood cells to create clones, which had a normal lifespan. Through this, they demonstrated that circulating blood cells can, in addition to a number of other cell types, be used to create viable cloned offspring.

The technique shows that it is possible to prepare cells for cloning in a relatively noninvasive way, making it easier to create clones of infertile or "last-of-line" animals.

The research was reported in the journal Biology of Reproduction, DOI: 10.1095/biolreprod.113.110098