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Feb. 20, 2014

Symposium on molecular network regulation

CLST inaugural symposium

A symposium commemorating the founding of the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST) was held in Tokyo on February 17.

The symposium, entitled "The New Life Science Universe–Towards Creating the Technological Base for Discovering Molecular Network Regulation," focused on ways to build a technological platform for the development of new, efficient treatments for the great diseases of modern society such as cancer, Alzheimer's and life-style related conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

More than 350 participants from academia, research and industry gathered to hear talks by CLST researchers introducing the cente's activities, and guest experts speaking on cancer, Alzheimer’s and metabolism.

At the panel discussion that followed, panelists examined new directions in cancer drug development and ways to contribute to drug delivery systems through the application of new technologies. This may ultimately enable doctors to apply targeted medication to diseased tissues without harming the surrounding, healthy ones.

Dr. Yasuyoshi Watanabe, director of CLST, emphasized the need to promote stronger cooperation between research, academia and industry from an early stage. "The idea of Human Life Science," he said, "is at the core of our activities. Our aim is to serve society by developing technologies that will help medical innovation. This conference is an important step in connecting researchers, clinical doctors, and companies to drive drug and diagnostic development."

The RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies was created in April 2013, with the aim of integrating structural biology, genomic and imaging sciences into an advanced technological platform.